Gone Home Winning Game Of the Year is Like Twilight Winning The Pulitzer Prize

Gone Home is far more flawed than a Game Of the Year has any right to be.

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electricrabbit1318d ago

A little, but I wanted to write the article in a more critical way. That and I wanted to avoid all of the random people screaming about the game.

BenRage31318d ago

I agree with the points the author makes, but someone needs to proof this. There are several spelling errors. I agree that Dear Esther was a better game.

electricrabbit1318d ago

Author here! I went in and corrected the ones I saw. We did proof it beforehand but it appears that we didn't catch some errors. Thank you so much for your feedback and if there are any other spelling errors I missed please let me know. I appreciate your help good sir!

Metallox1317d ago

Gone Home it's a walking simulator, and not even the story justified its original price. It's boring, far from being entertaining.

Perhaps the only considerable thing it had was the references to the 90's.

JohnathanACE1317d ago

There are much better ways out there to re-live the 90s.

DaleCooper1317d ago

LOL, now that's a great headline. I agree with most points in the article too. Great read.

wynams1317d ago

or Obama winning a Nobel Peace Prize

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The story is too old to be commented.