Only A Third Of Steam Gamers Run Their Games At 1080p

One Angry Gamer "Given the stats from the survey, though, it looks like a moderate amount of PC gamers are rocking 1080p equivalent resolutions like Rob Ford rocks the white powder. However, it also shows that there is still a large portion of PC gamers who aren’t up to par (and even fewer above the bar), meaning that the PS4 and Xbox One’s struggle to maintain 1080p and 60fps is actually above the average standard of most PC gamers, especially considering that only a third of Steam users can actually maintain a 1080 resolution."

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ElementX1319d ago

My monitor is 1680x1050 *shrug* If I play on my TV it's 1080p.

WilliamUsher1319d ago

Interestingly enough, you're part of the 5.87% in the survey.

I'm curious, do you have your PC hooked up to your TV? And if you did take the survey, would you use your native PC monitor resolution or when/if you hook it up to your TV?

ElementX1319d ago

I have my PC connected to my TV and a monitor. I play on the monitor more often and I completed the survey while using the monitor. The survey just analyses your PC specs so I'm under the 1680x1050 group because that's the resolution I was using at the time.

BitbyDeath1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

And that is why PC has nothing close to the image quality of inFamous SS, DriveClub, The Order 1886 or Uncharted 4.

Devs gotta support them older PC's.

Army_of_Darkness1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Only a 3rd?? LOL!

I just got my PS4 and connected it to my 1080p HDTV, downloaded war frame and tried it out.
Holy shit... Runs at [email protected] 60fps and the graphics are very sharp and crisp. So if this game looks this great in the first year of the ps4, then I can't image what the following years will bring except for my personal conclusion that the ps4 is an equivalent to a high end PC. Even Tomb raider DE that I just got looks and plays way better than the ps3/360 versions! I see a big difference already in comparison to the previous gen and I can see why pC fanboys are trying very hard to downplay the ps4 because it's a $400 console that can perform equally as good as a high end pc ;-)

starchild1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

I've never done a Steam survey and I run my games at 2048 x 1152 resolution.

Besides, this article is a bit silly. It doesn't make the point the author thinks it makes.

Even IF the Steam survey was completely representative of all PC gamers (which it's not) that would still mean there are somewhere around 25 to 30 million PC gamers running their games at 1080p or above. How many PS4s have been sold? Last I heard it was around 8 million, I believe. Then you have to consider that not every PS4 owner is playing their games on a 1080p display. There is certainly a sizable percentage of PS4 owners who are playing on a 720p display, or even standard def tube TVs in some cases.

There are definitely far more PC gamers running their games at 1080p than there are PS4 or XB1 owners doing so. And, yeah, the console user bases will go up over time, but PC gamers will also be growing in number and many current PC gamers will be upgrading their hardware and displays over time as well.

Raf1k11318d ago

People seem to get the wrong idea about this. A lot of PC monitors will end up being something a little different. I also have a monitor that's 1680x1050.

If 33% are actually displaying at 1080p then that doesn't mean that the rest are at a lower resolution. Some of them will be at higher resolutions.

There are just so many different resolution screens with PCs (I'm assuming this includes laptops).

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Vegamyster1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )


" Even Tomb raider DE that I just got looks and plays way better than the ps3/360 versions! I see a big difference already in comparison to the previous gen and I can see why pC fanboys are trying very hard to downplay the ps4 because it's a $400 console that can perform equally as good as a high end pc ;-) "

Mmhm no... A high end PC can play games at 1440p let alone 1080p. Gamespots now dated budget gaming PC build ($566) with a AMD 7850, FX 6300, 4 GB of ram out performed the PS4 in on their benchmarks (BF4, AC4, Thief):

For $40 more then that build today you can get a PC with a R9 270 (Slighty faster 7870), 8GB or Ram and a 1 TB HDD.

Tombraider doesn't run locked at 60 fps on the PS4 and both console versions are missing PC features like Tessellation.

XB1_PS41318d ago

It's funny that the title says only a third of pc gamers run at 1080p, and that's supposed to sound bad.

BUT, if you look at his picture, 62% of them are 1080p AND ABOVE. Just happens to be 33% of them are using exactly 1920x1080.

Also, a lot of people that are on steam aren't really PC gamers. If you've ever downloaded steam, and attempted to play a game. Your stats are recorded. So, a lot of those laptop gamers probably aren't actually able to play that many games. I don't classify them as the PC Master race.

andrewer1318d ago

@Raf1k1 exactly. Just look at 3840x1080 - 25.39%. Lots of people doing AMD eyefinity or NVidia Surround hehe

levian1318d ago

I can't play any PC game in a smaller resolution than the monitor's native resolution. Playing a game in 720p on a 720p monitor is fine. Playing a game in 720p on a 1080p monitor however, everything looks much larger than it should.

BattleAxe1318d ago

I don't play in 1080p because I play in 2560 x 1080 resolution instead :)

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badz1491318d ago

Here I thought this is kinda old news?

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OwnageDC6501318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

I play at 1440p and sometimes at 7680x1440p. 3 of my close buds play at 1440p. None of us bothered with the survey.

starchild1318d ago

Most people I talk to don't. I've never done the survey either. I don't know why some people latch onto the Steam survey as if it were a factual representation of all PC gamers. It's not.

Spartacus101318d ago

@ starchild
Its more accurate than trusting a bunch of vocal PC elitists.

I have no doubt theres PC gamers running games above 1080p, and even at 4k, or even higher using multiple monitors, but I also dont see why its hard to accept that MOST people DONT do that.

Jdoki1318d ago


Because the number of people who DO respond means Steam has an extremely good sample size of data and so is a very good and accurate cross section of the PC gaming population.

Also, by NOT doing the Steam survey you realise that you are not getting your voice heard when it comes to future development of games. Devs take note of stats like Steam Survey when considering the target specs of their games (e.g. If no one who was running DX11 bothered to respond, devs may be less likely to take advantage of DX11 specific features and so on - because why bother to spend time = money developing features only a tiny % of customers will benefit from)

Nafon1318d ago

If you look at the survey, it is clear that a good majority of users that do the survey do it from their average laptops.

"1366 x 768 25.60%"

No desktop monitor has that resolution. Only Laptops and some HDTVs will use it.

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Charybdis1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

looking at console gamers past xb 360/ ps3 gen and this gen xb1/ps4. how many % run their games at 1080.

when comparing console gaming and pc gaming for resolution wouldn't we need to compare this gen consoles x1 ps4 (1 year old consoles) and televions connected to these consoles with pc devices (1 - 3 year old pcs) and the resolution of monitors/tvs used.

Magicite1318d ago

I play on 1920x1200. But there are many people who still dont have full hd monitors or those who play on laptops not capable of 1080p.
I doubt there are many who play on higher resolutions.

ShaunCameron1318d ago

Or there are people who do have capable PC's but don't care about video games which happen to be a solid majority of PC owners.

TardcoreGamer1318d ago

61.63% use 1080p or GREATER
Roughly 38% play somewhere under.

The author didn't account for >1080p displays and triple screen setups.

WilliamUsher1318d ago


The 25% relates to a separate category. It means 25% of all people who use multi-monitor setups use 1080 or above, it's not combined with the people who use single-monitor setups.

1318d ago
gamernova1318d ago

I play at 1440p and didn't take any survey. This survey is a sample of a much higher population. Additionally, this survey has a response bias because most people who do have the major gaming rigs are working and most likely will not fill out a survey. Most likely it is the unemployed that have filled these out because simply they have the time. A lot of people don't know how statistical analyses work and are so quick to jump to conclusions. However, it is true that a large portion of PC gamers do not rock the high resolution. Not everyone can afford it. It can get pricey when you want the best experience.

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Qrphe1319d ago

This has been known for a while. But this only refers to the display resolution most of them have and not the resolution they run their games at. 1080p is still the most popular resolution though even if this became a fact barely early this year.

Volkama1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Article makes out that this is a small number, but it isn't.

Of course the survey is only listing what the native resolution of the attached display is, and says nothing of performance at that res. If you took a similar survey of console gamers then the numbers would overwhelmingly stack on 1080p, simply because they are generally connected to TVs.

Also I am quite surprised that as many as 25% use 2 screens (3840x1080). I would expect most of them only game on a single screen, so that number can be added on to the 1080p stat.

Letros1318d ago

If the author had half a brain he would realize that 3840x1080 is two 1080p screens, one for gaming one for whatever. Which would put 1080p to almost 60% of Steam gamers.

Qrphe1318d ago

Out of all of those who use multimonitor setups, 25% of them use two 1080p. It doesnt mean that 25% of all of Steam users run two 1080p monitors on the same rig.

Volkama1318d ago

If so then the snapshot in the article is not clear at all. I see that the 3840x1080 is listed after "other", so perhaps there are some extra headings to the left of the image that specify multi-monitor setup category.

25% using dual screens certainly does seem too high to me :)

solidsheep1319d ago

hehe Windows 8 and Windows xp have almost the same size user base.

donthate1318d ago

That is sort of misleading considering, Steam breaks Windows 8 into 32 bit and 64 bit versions, and there is also Windows 8.1 with similar breakup, as a separate post.

The full list (as you can see 8.1 and 7 is the most popular):

Windows 7 64 bit

Windows 8.1 64 bit

Windows 7

Windows 8 64 bit

Windows XP 32 bit

Windows Vista 64 bit

Windows Vista 32 bit

Windows 8.1

Windows 8

Windows XP 64 bit

DragonbornZ1319d ago

I game in 900p on my laptop. When I build myself a pc and get dat Sapphire Radeon 7950 doe :D

Cueil1318d ago

make sure you get that GHZ Edition... the difference can be HUGE

sourav931318d ago

I would recommend getting a R9 280X, since the 285X will be coming out soon, and the price of the 280x will drop.

Pandamobile1319d ago

1/3 of Steam users is more than the entire current-gen console install base, so...

NatureOfLogic_1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

*Slow clap* smh

I find it really funny that 1080p is not quite the standard that we hear about all the time.

Cueil1318d ago

to be fair a lot of monitors are only 900p... for a while I was rocking three 21" 900p monitors... now I have my system hooked up to my 47" TV at 1080p, but I don't think i took this last survey

jsslifelike1318d ago

To also be fair, there are a TON of Steam users running inferior hardware and just use it to access indies that are exclusive to PC. They do their AAA gaming elsewhere. That skews things more than you think.

boneso821318d ago

Look at the numbers properly!

1/3 of Steam user play at exactly 1080p!

Another 1/3 play at higher res than 1080p!

So that's 2/3 that play at 1080p or higher!

This in turn means that only 1/3 play at lower than 1080p res!

This article has been twisted by a console fanboy to try and justify console resolutions to console fanboys. Desperate...

(PS: I am a long time console gamer, only built first PC this year. Play it on TV @ 1080p and mostly 60fps)

user56695101318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Another sour face fanboys, just like the on that wrote the article. They are so despite to find anything to make pc look bad. And you have to participate in these surveys. I don't know any who ever filled these out

And yall do know there are a ton of cheap laptops that is lower than 1080p. Nice try keep on trying to catch up

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Caffo011318d ago

Thank you for being so obvious, this gen started 9 months ago... And don't tell me about wii u, as much as i like it i don t consider it current gen.

Kosmacz1318d ago

However, Steam does show only resolution of desktop. This does not imply that they really play games with this resolution. Real number may be much lower

Stapleface1318d ago

Or higher. I have my pc hooked up to my tv for now and it's a 1080p screen. But I run most of my games down sampled from 1440p. Some from higher resolutions than that.

MuhammadJA1318d ago

This third is the console gamers themselves playing PC games on their crappy laptops.

Qrphe1318d ago

Pretty sure more than 1/3 of console users game on 1080p TVs so...

Pandamobile1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

I would hope so, considering you only have like one option to choose from these days.

Now, how about the number of console games that actually run at 1080p? That number is much smaller than the number of people who have an appropriate TV.

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