An industry-wide downturn in pre-orders, Destiny the exception

MWEB GameZone writes: "Publishers have been using pre-orders as a way to determine which of their games would be most in demand. According to the latest reports, video game pre-orders are facing an industry-wide downturn and are no longer a reliable indicator for publishers to gauge demand - with the exception of Destiny."

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SonZeRo1510d ago

Destiny seems to be a great game, new IP is good, not and mmorpg but an mmofps which i believe is a rather new concept. I think the downturn in preorders is because companies have been milking it abit too much and releasing unfinished games to the gamers and alot of us have taken to just sitting back and waiting perhaps.

HanCilliers1510d ago

Well said. I think a lot of gamers have been "burned" by purchasing pre-order (like the Call of Duty games/ BF4). Running a proper Beta boosted consumer confidence in Destiny, and maybe other companies should follow this route as well. If not a Beta, than perhaps a proper demo.

schmoe1510d ago

aye, i agree on the demo debacle and the fact that running a proper beta did a lot for Bungie - imho Destiny is pretty well polished & deserving of a pre-order, but i also admit I am over this whole pre-order thing.

sonarus1510d ago

i think gamers just dnt really care about lame preorder perks anymore. Destiny is the exception because pre ordeer was the only way to play the beta which gamers likely appreciate a lot more than some random skin

DigitalHope1510d ago

You know what use to make pre orders awesome?

The long forgotten midnight release. Its been a long time since I have seen one for a game. They were usually social fun events. Like a halo tournament the hours before halo 2 dropped.

devwan1510d ago

@Passive The problem with midnight releases is why bother when you can order online and receive the game a whole day early in many cases? I think the last time a pre-order of mine didn't arrive at least 1 day early was Skyrim and that was because of an error on their part, it didn't even come day 1 (so I went out and bought it anyway!)

More OT, Destiny is doing everything right with its pre-orders - real incentives. Also having genuine limited/collector editions that are actually limited in number helps redress the cheapened state of affairs where they are concerned (difficult to find Ghost edition available anywhere now).

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Mikelarry1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

After reading those articles about how pre-orders work i have been more hesitant to pre-order games. i only pre-order games i really like and they offer a discount. the games i got on pre-order currently are

batman arkham knight
the order

all the above are were £4 cheaper than final price so saved quite a bit

HanCilliers1510d ago

And that is very good advise to follow. If a pre-order actually promotes incentives then yes

Seafort1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I only preorder games when I can get them cheaper than RRP. I couldn't give a crap about preorder incentives as most are complete crap.

Games I've currently preordered are Far Cry 4, AC Unity and Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. All 3 of these games were under £25 each.

To compare steam were selling AC Unity and Far Cry 4 for £50 until they removed them due to the massive complaints they got because of the price hike.

Ubisoft are still selling them for £50 on their own store.

These are PC preorders btw :P

CongoKyle1510d ago

I agree. I wish the whole DLC business would disappear. Maybe release the final game and include patches for end-game content, like some other titles do. In terms of the genre - I've never been the biggest MMORPG fan but an MMOFPS speaks to me as I am an FPS player. The beta was really great and I'm honestly looking forward to this

amnalehu1510d ago

Maybe Destiny is the cause of the downturn in pre-orders...hmmmmm!

GabeSA1510d ago

I cant imagine it being about Destiny, i just think that with the spat of titles being released, gamers are bemore weary of placing pr-orders. its why incentives are being offered in the way they are. Just look at the pre-order for WoW with an immediate level 90 upgrade for any char. The thing is, sometimes these incentives work and gamers place the orders, but other times its simply not enough because the developr/title has not impressed the gamer. i for one rarely place a pre-order now, not even for Destiny.

Volkama1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Destiny is definitely the exception. Last year's release had no pre-orders at all, so whatever the numbers are today represents a year-on-year increase of INFINITY PERCENT.

Congrats Bungie.

Randostar1510d ago

The Only reason i pre order games that i know im really going to want to play is because my money situation. Me and my girlfriend are both constantly using out entire paychecks to pay for groceries, bills and other crap we need. So when i have a extra $30 or $40 sometimes i can go put money down on games. If preorders weren't around i would just save up when i had extra money.

FullmetalRoyale1510d ago

My money situation is not quite as tight, however I do find it easier to justify spending sixty bucks on myself every so often if I use what we call "loose money".

All that means is money that, after taking care of business, we have left over. If I have one hundred dollars, I'll go preorder say Dragon Age(which I did).
I mainly do it so I don't have to think about it later. I'm also a big advocate of putting five bucks in a jar every week. My old lady and I have gotten many a thing just by not eating out once a week.

I was badly burned by BF4, and do not plan on buying any multiplayer game published by EA until it has been proven by fans, in the wild, to be in acceptable condition.

chaosx1510d ago

Pre orders are down because people expect the game to be delayed till 2015

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