Did Ed Boon Just Confirm Arnold Schwarzenegger for Mortal Kombat X?

It would make some sense, given that Ed Boon has an admitted love-affair with action and horror movies of that age, and because Arnold Schwarzenegger is so desperate for work he's doing Expendables 3 and a new Terminator movie (no longer published by Warner Bros.) so Netherrealm could probably get him to voice act for it.

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DarkBlood1385d ago

Lol awesome hope its true

Majin-vegeta1385d ago

Dont toy with me!!

ALso below it he has this.

scark921384d ago

If true, I want a alternate costume depicting 'Turbo Man'

csreynolds1384d ago

Ed Boon Tweeted about his lunch the other day. Sandwiches confirmed for MK X!

Gatsu1384d ago

Hasta la vista, baby!

cannon88001384d ago

If it bleeds we can kill it!

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The story is too old to be commented.