GTA 5 Will Sell 2 Million On PS4, Xbox One, PC According To Analyst

GTA 5's remakes on PS4, Xbox One and PC could bring in a fair amount of revenue for Rockstar's parent company Take-Two Interactive. Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia says that these new versions of the open-world crime game could sell a combined two million in its first month.

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n4gamingm996d ago

i'm gonna be one of those buyers getting two copies for my next gen console and pc :)

oODEADPOOLOo996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Getting this as well, but with so many other games, Im still on fence on wether im gonna wait until holiday sale for this.

badz149996d ago

2 MIRRION? across all 3? ONLY? these analyst don't know what they are talking about. If Take2 market it even half as much as they did with the original launch, it will do 2 million in the 1st week in NA alone!

Perjoss996d ago

I had a quick look around the web and it looks like gta4 sold less than a million on PC, if that's true then I'm amazed they are even bothering with gta 5 on PC at all.

KAEM7996d ago

@Perjoss - A game about crime getting pirated in huge numbers... oh the irony

equal_youth996d ago

id say 2 million the day it gets released ^^

ZombieKiller996d ago

Yeah considering 34M units so far and the Heists aren't even out yet. I say waaayyyyy more than 2 million. If I had to guess, I would say between 10M and 15M units with the holiday season.

Not to mention all the zombie DLC and PS4 exclusivity talk. I bet it will sell way more than 2 million.....guess that makes me a real analyst now huh? Lol :)

Seafort996d ago

@Perjoss I'm guessing you looked at vgchartz for the PC sales numbers.

GTA4 was released on steam and other digital stores which vgchartz don't track.

Vgchartz is only good for retail sales and retailers don't stock PC games much now.

Approx 80% of people buy PC games digitally now.

So vgchartz is useless for PC sales data.

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700p996d ago

GTA bores me. But this game will sell, just obviously not as much as last gen.

clmstr996d ago

Maybe it's because you are used to playing it at 700p25 (or 720p25 to be extremely precise?)

Aww sheet!

Bodge996d ago

It'll sell A LOT more on steam, and I don't get why people keep calling this a remake/remaster... This is the original game that was made, the ps3/360 versions were lowered down to their hardware so it can run, the PC/PS4/XB1 versions are the real versions.

mkis007996d ago

Then why didnt they release it when they announced it...After the announce there was no reason to hold it back due to lost last gen sales.

KwietStorm996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Don't believe everything you read, at least not literally. They said a lot of things between the lines.

mkis007996d ago

...You just said nothing.

CaptainFist996d ago

Keep in mind this game was in development for about 5 years; at the time, it was planned to be released on the ps3/xbox 360 before next-gen consoles were even announced.

HaveSumNuts996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Do any of you guys think Rockstar is going to release online heists exclusively to the next gen and PC versions? They've been avoiding questions of the online heists since last year and I have a feeling that's the incentive they want to provide for purchasing the next gen versions, besides the upgraded graphics of course.

Clown_Syndr0me996d ago

If they do, thats just rude. Before GTA V was launched they used heists as a selling point to get people interested in the MP.
If they do that exact same trick again, and people fall for that, then they are mugs.

HaydenJameSmith996d ago

I think its more likely that they will release zombie DLC exclusively to the next gen versions and PC... but all the evidence modders have found for Zombie DLC, Casino DLC and Heists have been in the code (animations, separate game launchers etc.) of the last gen versions so if they weren't gonna release them they probably wouldn't have the code in them.

But I would like more incentive to get the next gen versions than just a graphic/performance boost...

ZombieKiller996d ago


Someone has done their homework. It's all there. It's happening on last gen too. The animations are there, the evidence is too. Look at HikePlays, Domislive, or iCrazyTeddy..... each has great info on whats to come to San Andreas.

I think the only thing to come to next gen and NOT last gen is the zombie DLC (if any) and this is because the last gen consoles can't handle the number of zombies in the open world of GTA.

beepbopadoobop996d ago

I think it will easily hit 2 mil at least. Myself and my friends who own GTA on ps3 are all getting it for ps4 when it comes out, its one of those games you can always jump back into for some mad fun online with friends and it will be even better when it runs smoother. I dont mind double dipping for this game.

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