PSVita Firmware v3.18 is now live

The Vita Lounge has details on the recently released v3.18 firmware update and what it contains.

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DarXyde1412d ago

Slightly disappointing, but the Vita is already pretty feature rich. Maybe updates will be more substantial and prolific going forward with the axing of PlayStation Mobile.

colonel1791412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Great decision from Sony to get rid of PlayStation Mobile. They have an incredible handheld that is being underused so much and underrated. Hopefully they give much priority to the PS Vita from now on.

"but the Vita is already pretty feature rich"
I wish I could say the same about the PS4. How disappointing that doesn't even have basic features! Sony needs to hurry up with the updates!

Something I would love,to is that if Sony redesigned the Vita OS to look like the PS4. By that I mean that it stays the same, but have the looks from the ps4, like the icons, menus, the buttons, change the bubbles so that they look fat and more elegant like the PS4 OS, etc. In short, like if it was a PS4 theme for the PS Vita.

DarXyde1412d ago

Y'know, I honestly don't care too much for feature richness on PS4. I mean I get how a lot of people want these things, but I've never cared for custom soundtracks or videos. I don't keep any on my XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3. I know I'm probably in the minority on that, but I really like how much of a dedicated gaming device the PS4 is. It reminds me of the PS2.

Not disagreeing with people who love these features. I just don't consider their absence deal breaking. I do like what they've done with SHARE Factory though. That's pretty awesome.

Canary-00831412d ago

The PS4 OS is rubbish. Vita's crappy smartphone OS is pretty bad too, but not so bad as the PS4.

And basic features aren't things like custom soundtracks. Its stuff like folders and sorting options and generic media playback.

And I wouldn't count on the PS4 OS getting fixed any time soon, as the PS3's own XMB is still missing basic features--like the ability to sort games or other media alphabetically within a folder.

colonel1791412d ago

To be honest, I don't use a lot of features on the PS3, but it's nice to have them. Ever since they announced God of War 3, I got used to save the trailers of the games I wanted to the PS3, and I used to watch movies I downloaded on the PS3 as well (although now my TV has a USB port) That's something you can't do on the PS4. I also had some pictures and music on the console. Those are very basic things, but they are a given in 2014.

A lot of people used many more features, that surely are even more frustrated. That's why it upsets me that Sony just act like they don't care, like they say, "hell, my console is selling great, that's the only thing it matters".

Hopefully they are planning a big update (and I mean HUGE) before the end of the year.

TylerOlthoff1412d ago

I always love system updates even when there's not much being added. Making something I really enjoy run better is always a plus in my eyes.

beakeroo11412d ago

This was just a block on the 3.15 exploit that was announced yesterday. It comes from a Japanese style game and can possibly allow a future HEN to run on the Vita.

Chaos_Raiden1412d ago

Still looking forward for a PS Vita update that allows multiple PSN accounts on a PS Vita.

rsnotz1412d ago

Same here. That would be a blessing from Sony. Also a change to the UI would be much appreciated.

contradictory1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

i haven't been using the internet features of mine in a while anyway so i guess i'll download it whenever..
well, haven't really been using it much to begin with lately
mostly at work since there's some free time.

just wish there'd be atleast some upcoming games.
don't get me wrong, i can pour insane amounts of time on Disgaea 3 but i think i'm getting burned out gradually...

Viperoholic1412d ago

I really hope they support the PS vita with some AAA titles. I have had my vita since launch and i have played alot of games on it. But now that i have a PS4 i barely play any vita games anymore unless i have no wifi then i play ffx hd. I feel bad for it all i use it for is for remote play now. Its like a choice vita game or ps4... i pick ps4 everytime.. who wouldn't

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