Out There, Godfire and Sorcery! Star In Massive App Store Sale - Save $50

At any one time there are an incredible number of games on sale on the App Store. In fact, we could churn out articles on a near-daily basis showcasing some pretty sweet deals. But even I was gobsmacked by the calibre of games on sale at the moment and the deep price cuts given. A number of these games even made our Top 50 Best Indie iOS Games of 2014 So Far.

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Cookiebex1266d ago

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. A few great games I've been meaning to get are on the list. As good a time as any

CoyoteHunter1266d ago

Whew, some pretty nice deals on that list. For such low prices I'm probably going to pick most of them up! I also heard Joe Dever's Lone Wolf has also been dropped to free.

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