Bayonetta 2 scans

Check out brand new scans from Bayonetta 2 showing new elements.

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masterfox1439d ago

"I just have a hunch and is that Bayonetta will sell horrible on the Wii U, if Mario character is not included into the game Ninty fans will just look away from this game."


equal_youth1439d ago

does somebody know if bayonetta one is included on disk in the eu?

BlackWolf1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

It is, as far as I know.

Dehnus1439d ago

Nope, only with the Deluxe edition. We have to pay extra for it.

Lon3wolf1438d ago

Really, where did you read that as all I have seen is that it will be included on a disc?

Dehnus1438d ago

I'll use the UK site for it, as the site I normally use is in Norwegian. read about the special edition. It is not included with the normal one. That also is stated on the microsite here in Norway, but than you must be able to read Norwegian. Only the USA gets the first Bayonetta with all versions of the game.
The rest of the world has to purchase a special edition.

PS: Really people 3 Disagrees? WTF! Oh well N4G fanboy central.

PS 2:
https://microsite.nintendo-... It says the same ont he UK Microsite. So if you want to own both games on Wii U do not let Angry N4G fanboys from the US influence you. Get the special edition if you are in Europe.

BlackWolf1438d ago

Damn.. that sucks for Europe gamers....

thezeldadoth1439d ago

including bayonetta 1 in this so people can catch up on the story and all that is perfect.