What Game Will Be The First To Show Off PS4's Punching Power?

Which game will finally wow us? Which anticipated title on the horizon will fit your definition of "next-gen" and highlight the PS4's immense capability?

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The_Infected1173d ago

My guess Driveclub or Bloodborne then followed by Uncharted: A Thief's End.

Insomnia_841173d ago

Driveclub is like, beautiful!

The Order is like, damnnn!

Gran Turismo will be, like holy sht!!

God Of War will be like, 😨!

Uncharted will like...

And then The Last Of Us 2 will be like..

I'm pretty sure Quantic Dreams and Guerrilla have some amazing stuff too, as usual.

No matter what, Playstation never fails to deliver that WOW factor!

SaturdayNightBeaver1173d ago

gt7 will look better than real life

equal_youth1173d ago

this is pretty accurate ^^

victorMaje1173d ago

Hahaha, funny TLOU2 image! Bubble for you :)

ChronoJoe1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

I doubt Bloodborne is going to be as visually impressive as people would hope. Demon's Souls, whilst a splendid game wasn't all that aesthetically pleasant.

My money is on Driveclub, Uncharted 4 and The Order, I also think Guilty Gear Xrd is worth a mention too.

HighResHero1173d ago

I agree and I'm not looking for Bloodborne to compete graphically with other titles thankfully.
I liked DS aesthetic better than some titles that were technically more advanced. The art style lent itself well to creating the great atmosphere of Boletaria.

ChronoJoe1173d ago

I agree, Demon's Souls has fantastic art direction. It can be a beautiful game in its own right, but as you say its not technically advanced.

Destrania1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Considering the visual praise Bloodborne got from the behind-closed-doors demo they showed at E3, I'd beg to differ. Just saying. I'm obviously psyched for it for a hell of a lot more reasons than that though.

ChronoJoe1173d ago

Irrespective of its visual quality Bloodbourne would get visual praise, simply for looking 'better' than its prior incarnations.

I think that just about everything on next-gen platforms, to this date has received 'visual praise'. So in regards to previews and whatnot, I would take them with a gain of salt as journalists are still getting to grips with what becomes the 'graphical standard' so-to-speak, of next-gen systems.

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user65409481173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

I don't know about Bloodborne's graphics though. The e3 press-conference demo's frame rates were in the single digits. If FromSoftware wants it at 30 fps, they may have to sacrifice some of the shadowing, lighting and draw distance. Graphically it looks like a high-end pc game but it runs like crap frame-rate wise with the current settings.

FromSoftware drastically reduced Dark Souls 2's graphics, lighting, shadow, bump mapping AND the frame rate (feels like a 15-20 fps game) even though they advertised/preview demos a better running product prior to release.

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DigitalRaptor1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

DriveClub in October. Glorious weather and photomode awaits!

The Order: 1886 then stepping it up in February 2015, followed by Bloodborne which is rumoured for March 2015. Got a feeling Bloodborne is going to look better than any of us are expecting.

Uncharted 4 will cap off the year by doing things we never imagined possible.

MrSec841173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Driveclub yeah that game already blows every other racing game away for visuals, obviously Polyphony Digital will do their thing with Gran Turismo on PS4.

The Order, well that already looks amazing, plus [email protected] has just over half a year to polish everything.

Bloodborne's behind closed door gameplay looked really nice being filmed with a camera, besides some screen tearing I'm sure that title will impress visually.

Within the 1st half of next year there's also the re-imagined Ratchet & Clank launching alongside the film, that's also apparently pushing for visuals to rival the best looking games on the PS4.

Guerrilla Games also has their new IP, being that they will have had more time with the finished system's hardware I'm sure that will have some very impressive visuals too.

Uncharted, well the trailer was real time, stated to be running in engine on PS4 & it smoked everything else on consoles.

I wouldn't be shocked if all games shown so far, in any kind of finalized state aren't using the latest API updates from the ICE Team.

My guess is we'll start to see those games from Gamescom onwards or from when the big studios within Sony have had their time playing around with the more efficient tools.

Considering what Guerrilla Games and Sucker Punch managed to do so early in the PS4's life cycle I think we're in for some real treats going forward.

ps3vita4life1173d ago

Infamous remains the best looking game on ps4 (imo)so my bet would be on any upcoming exclusive games like Bloodborne, The Order, Uncharted,and DriveClub. These titles will show what the ps4 is truly capable of.

n4gamingm1173d ago

the order looks stunning and uncharted.

BX811173d ago

The order looks good but it also looks really linear. So my cboice would be uncharted on this one.

Master-H1173d ago

Derp, all the Uncharted games in the past have been linear, pretty sure the next is linear too, even TLOU is linear, so hows that a negative for The Order ?

BX811173d ago

Yeah but not to the extent the order looks

stonecold31173d ago

gt7 uncharted 4 last of us 2 god of war 4 to name a few

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