Yoda and Vader don't ruin Soul Caliber 4

In the latest edition of their mini-podcast, the Humpday Update, the hosts seem to disagree with a lot of the criticism brought to bear on Soul Caliber 4 for including Star Wars characters in the SC4.

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darkness within3541d ago

I dont mind the inclusion, I mind that the game seems to have become more about the Star Wars bonus characters than the Soul Caliber characters.

Nevers3541d ago

and I agree the hype machine is taking the StarWars ball out for a run.

kewlkat0073541d ago

with Heiachi, Spawn and Link..I doubt they will ruin the game. Besides these are special characters, gamers will look to master the main characters first. Plus it's not like you have to pick them...hehe

darkness within3541d ago

That one worked so well because the characters prety much had an association with its respective console except spawn.

kewlkat0073541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

I would of thought Master Chief or something...haha

That just shoes you the Original Xbox really had no STRONG character Brands with their games.

Currently they still need some that's synonymous with the XBOX brand...

Nevers3541d ago

became uber rich and was to$$ing money 'round like it was candy to anyone/thing that would market SPAWN.

LGFreedom3541d ago

Vader or ANY of the soulcalibur characters???

I rest my case. Vader's inclusion is brilliant.

andron6663541d ago

It's the next best thing to an official SW fighting game. And the SC series already has got excellent game play...