What is your favorite video game controller of all time and why?

Middle of Nowhere Gaming does a "Question of the Week" each week where each editor answers their opinion on it. This week's is "What is your favorite video game controller of all time and why?"

Find out what they had to say here and answer in the comments below what your answer is!

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4logpc1440d ago

Depends on what context.

For the time and during the systems lifespan: SNES.

For best of all time: Probably Xbox 360.

rodiabloalmeida1440d ago

You took the words out of my mouth. I was about to type exactly that.

Mr Pumblechook1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

For me I'd say

1) GameCube. So well contoured it fits perfectly in the hands. Light as well. Near perfect.

2) 360 pad. A good iteration of the GameCube pad. Great with so many FPS games.

3) Dualshock 4. Such a great improvement over DS3. Bigger, much more comfortable. This is growing to be my current favourite.

The XBone controller is not in my top 3. It's not bad it's just that the 360 pad was so great but Microsoft meddled with it and the triggers feel less well positioned.

Honourable mention goes out to the six button game pad for the Sega Megadrive.

guitarded771440d ago

Back in the day it was SNES for me... The DS4 is really awesome I love it. I never really dug my XBOX controllers... the d-pad was bad and the L/R bumpers were snappy... I would have preferred pressure sensitive buttons. Also the battery pack on the back was annoying. They're not bad controllers, just not as great as many make them out to be. I have a 360 controller for PC and it doesn't have the battery pack and is much better.

XisThatKid1439d ago

For me, I'd say overall DS4. Its the most comfortable in my hands and overall can handle almost any type of game comfortably. Great DPad since I love fighters, symmetric analogs are cool but not required. The touch pad when used, often useful feat that I never new I wanted. Since I don't use a TV I don't get the often discussed glare from the light, I think its an awesome touch . I use it for my primary PS3 and PC controller when I can.

-Foxtrot1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

360 is good but it's not really an all rounded controller. For driving and fighting games it's not very good.

I think mine would have to be the Dualshock (in general) which I find is the most all rounded controller out there for a number of different genres.

I loved the Gamecube one aswell, best Nintendo controller ever.

I don't understand people's complaints aswell all of a sudden with the Dualshocks size. It's came from nowhere, nobody complained about it before with the DS1/DS2

Dudebro901440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Dualshock 3 was a bad controller. It needed ti evolve from dualshock 2, but ended up being worse.

Those l2 and r2 buttons....ew.

masso91121440d ago

Gamecube controller is so comfortable! I don't know it just fits in my hands perfectly

Kevlar0091440d ago

I'm sure the Dualshock size complaint always existed, but now that there is the much superior DS4 it's obvious the DS size has been sub-optimal

The triggers, thumbsticks, and girth of the Dualshock 1-3 was never my style (that and the thumbstick position, but the first 3 are more objective complaints)

joab7771440d ago

Not to be prisoner of the moment bit the dualshock 4 made me think why every controller hasn't always been like it ia.

authentic1440d ago

Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps2.

In that order.

Goku7811440d ago

For me the first Nintendo controller, it set a standard. But best memories would be of the "Advantage" playing Mega Man 2 the the PS1 controller playing Final Fantasy 7. Both amazing experiences

NexGen1440d ago

Nah man, it's all about the NES max controller. The advantage used to zap my legs when I played it in shorts during the hot summer months lol. I got constantly zapped from that thing.

hazard17remedy1440d ago

Well, it's, for me, the X360 controller. It's comfortable, it's perfect for my hands... dualshock it's too little for my hands.

hkgamer1440d ago

i liked ps controllers, thinking back at it. i liked all of the sony ones.

namco had a negcon (neocon?) and also had another one for rrtype4. they were pretty fun.

snes pad did its job.

dc had the triggers.

i think i have to go with the original playstation. was the first time i think people took ergonomic design into consideration. though at this moment in time i am enjoying the ds4.

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