MGS4 PS3 80GB SKU an instant sell-out at retail

Advanced orders for Sony Corp.'s Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 80GB Bundle held an instant sell-out upon availability at retailers.

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jkhan3839d ago

Talk about system seller. Sony should have launched more MGS4 80GIG sku. This game is gonna sell a lot of PS3. Sony is really counting on this.

TheHater3839d ago

and it seems to be working.

theKiller3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

its a system seller!!
it will sell much much more systems than GTA4, and maybe will sell more copies also excluding 360 GTA4 sales!!

to those who is waiting for a port to 360, i will say u will never play it unless u buy a ps3!! like it or not thats the fact! its MGS4 baby it aint no over hyped game like GTA4 or halo 3!!! its the real deal when it gets 10/10 scores!!

to think of it, MGS4 has a scary power of selling systems!! this sentence just made my day "MGS4 PS3 80GB SKU an instant sell-out at retail"

i predict ps3 sales will be 1,000,000 in june!! remember guys from who u heard it first from!! wait i think even more!

LJWooly3839d ago

At least this is a series that actually deserves all the sales...

Marceles3839d ago

Hopefully they restock on the bundles really soon...I know alot of people don't want to settle for the 40gb with a Sixaxis. It even sold out at Gamestop when they threw in the MGS4 headset which drove the price higher. I think everyone has already been waiting on the 80 gb for awhile, and now that it's back with MGS4 and a Dual Shock 3...that's a perfect bundle.

Mr_President_3839d ago

There doing this with practically ZERO ADVERTISING

solidjun53839d ago

I think everyone has been waiting for the bundle to arrive before dropping that amount of money on the PS3. It's funny cause those Analysts are going to be saying "well we don't believe MGS4 is going to significantly help the PS3".

Who knows, GTA4 might increase in sales because of that. Now that they have a brand new PS3 and they want to be entrenched in "Next Gen", they might even associate GTA with the Sony brand and sales of that might increase. Now i'm just speculating and it's all theory.

Lifendz3839d ago

at all those on the gs forums and here that said it won't move units. That MGS never moves hardware. Just like those people said MGS won't move units this time and were wrong so will they be wrong in their statements that Killzone 2 will be average because Killzone 1 was average.

LJWooly3839d ago

It seems MGS can do this without even so much as a couple of adverts, whereas games like Halo need ridiculous marketing budgets, like billboards and Mountain Dew.

Jok3r3839d ago

8 of my friends (who already own a PS3) have all pre-ordered a MGS4 SKU, so it´s not all new buyers who buys a PS3 just for MGS4...They traded in their 40gb/60gb PS3´s and buys this instead =P

Doppy3839d ago

Wow I love Metal Gear Solid, but I didn't expect this. I wonder how many 80GB consoles were actually sold.

hardmetal3839d ago

However, it's not the same with MGS which is supposed to target the hardcore gamers who would buy the console at any price.

meepmoopmeep3839d ago

"Also realize this
There doing this with practically ZERO ADVERTISING"


Lifendz3839d ago

"8 of my friends (who already own a PS3) have all pre-ordered a MGS4 SKU, so it´s not all new buyers who buys a PS3 just for MGS4...They traded in their 40gb/60gb PS3´s and buys this instead =P "

True but all I said was it would move units and, regardless of who's buying the sku, it is moving hardware.

PS3 in 08!

KillaManiac3839d ago

Joker...they traded in their 60gigs for a 80gig just b/c it came with MGS4 and a DS3? Wow...bad move

Now if we are talking about the Gunmetal Limited Edition PS3...that is a different story.

cito35th3839d ago


nbsmatambo3839d ago

they should have made more TV commercials

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Kaz Hirai3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Just 1 day left! 1 day until you CROTCH-SNIFFING XBOT NINCOMPOOPS finally learn your place! This is MY industry! You PIG IMBECILES do not belong here!
For I am the King of Sony!




Edit: PirateThom, you are one lucky Sony Soldier! You get to enjoy Judgment Day a day early! Even King Kaz has to wait until tomorrow! Enjoy the Game Of The Century!


PirateThom3839d ago

Kaz, I got the game a day early!

I've been playing it for over 7 hours now and it's absolutely amazing.

Judgement has been passed. Game of the Year and the best game I've played in ages.

PSWe603839d ago

Missing work tomorrow and going to the mid-night launch tonight, congrats on the success of the Sony console

highdro3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

i now know y u have only one bubble...never the less this game is gonna be epic,....ur not really kaz are u !?!

juuken3839d ago

Dammit PirateThom, I am jealous now. T__T
But we get it tomorrow! Cannot wait to play this game!

eagle213839d ago

Wow, what a release week! :)

Warning: to anyone who even tries my nerves today. You will get the unrated, explicit, director's cut hard truth about how I feel about "your console".....Test me

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3839d ago

Good one King Kaz;)
That 'Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 80GB Bundle' is the most Desirable thing thats come out this year!!! ;-P

+The only Sad thing for me is that i won't get 'THAT' Feeling you get when you open a PS3 box for the 1st time and getting all Excited!!!;)
(i.e i Got a PS3 already!) ;-P

Enjoy it New PS3 owners!!!;) Next-gen Starts NOW!!!;-D (Er tomorrow erm well different time Zones and that er erm...) ;)

theKiller3839d ago

give a bubble to kaz hirai
he needs it

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Tmac3839d ago

Midnight launch for MGS4 today :)

Homicide3839d ago

Sh1t, less than 12 hours :D. I can't wait.

Pretty good news that the bundle is selling very well.

KillaManiac3839d ago

I am SO excited, I work at Gamestop and thank GOD I wasn't scheduled for the midnight release. I had to do GTA4s, but atleast not MGS4!


heyheyhey3839d ago

Turning Point- if you smell me

highdro3839d ago

but i dont see it beating sales record alerday set in this gaming era, ...but no doubt more ps3 will be sold.

Zeevious3839d ago

. . . and 9 out of 10 of my crackHo's agree!

Only 12 hours left though, so WHAT are you doing HERE?

Z-Daddy needs a new MGS bundle.
So get out there and EARN Bytch!