Quantum Break Demo Will Leave You “Speechless” at Gamescom, says Remedy

Hype for Gamescom is quickly building up and one of our most anticipated games is finally going to be revealed.Responding to a gamers question on twitter Remedy replied by saying “the demo at Gamescom will leave him “speechless”. Obviously,that’s PR talking but it’s great to see how much confidence Remedy has in its project.

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nicksetzer11471d ago

Honestly, I know this is just a PR stunt statement, but coming from Remedy I 100% believe it. I cannot wait!!

Snookies121471d ago

I honestly wasn't too impressed with Alan Wake. Though, I'm hoping to be wowed by Quantum. As, it seems to be shaping up very nicely.

-Foxtrot1471d ago

Alan Wake was brilliant, shame we didn't get a sequel

4Sh0w1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Well to each his own, but I think many gamers were impressed by Alan Wake. As I have said many times before AW was one of my favorite games from last gen. I owned all 3 platforms and AW was one of the best games from last gen. Remedy has a very unique flare with how they dev their games from a story and gameplay perspective, their characters always grab my attention too, plus they really look like they are pushing new tech in this game, this is why I'm so excited to see what's going on with Quantum Break.

700p1471d ago

Alan wake and Quantum break are two different types of games.

Snookies121471d ago

I just found Alan Wake a bit... I dunno, boring in terms of gameplay. The story was pretty neat though.

@700p - I never compared the two, I know they're very different.

vishmarx1471d ago Show
Eonjay1471d ago

I really excited to see if they can justify the name. I'm a real fan of the name sake's material matter and I am expecting big things.

ltachiUchiha1471d ago

Alan Wake was a really good game unfortunately there prolly wont be a part 2 do to poor sales. Just shows that FPS overruns xbox platforms. If it didn't then Alan Wake wouldve sold very well. Most of its sales came when the game was dead cheap.

QB looks to be another awesome game, lets just hope it sells better then Alan Wake did.

OhMyGandhi1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

in terms of actual gameplay, Alan Wake wasn't overly inventive. But what gameplay it did have, including buttery smooth combat and general movement, was damn well implemented.

Alan Wake is one of the best games I've played, simply because it had an incredible soundtrack, and one of the most well realized environments I've seen. The atmosphere was impeccable, remaining ominous and foreboding from from start to finish.

I feel that it's the closest I'll get to Twin Peaks without having to resort to Deadly Premonition. I give this game and Remedy HUGE props for making a game that feels so refreshing, and original, and placing it in a UNIQUE environment.

It's the same reason I can play 2008's Prince Of Persia and love the entire game design, even though so many seem turned off by it's (admittedly) shallow combat. I will always support games that try to do things differently.

Kingdomcome2471471d ago

Alan Wake is on of my personal favorites as well. "It's an ocean" I loved the ending.

ifistbrowni1471d ago

I can't wait to see Quantum Break, specifically because what Remedy did with Alan Wake. It's a shame Alan Wake was one and done.. I really enjoyed that game (and the two add-on DLC).

tuglu_pati1471d ago

Can't wait to be "speechless"

combatcash1471d ago

Alan was a fantastic game, extremely underrated. I was hoping for a sequel, this game may justify me purchasing an xbox one.

AngelicIceDiamond1471d ago

Its about time Remedy shows off the goods. This game has been in the dark for far to long.

Im stoked.

guitarded771471d ago

-Foxtrot... well, it did get American Nightmare. It wasn't a full blown AW game, but was kinda a sequel. I liked Alan Wakes gameplay and environments, but hated Alan Wake as a character. He was a pretentious douche.

Quantum Break is the one XBOX One game I'm really wanting to see more of. QB, a new Gears... and Forza Horizon 2 would make an X1 really compelling to me. I don't really care about Dead Rising or Crackdown... or Halo that much (but I'll still play Halo). MS needs to keep it up what they started this gen in terms of new games. I was QB to do very well, because it could reinforce investment into less traditional shooters MS is known for.

Bloodjunkie1471d ago

Alan Wake was the biggest disappointment in my long gamer life! Never saw a such boring linear horror survival game.

donthate1471d ago

Quantum Break is trying to break through a new genre in gaming, melding TV and games together, so I am ecstatic!

What is shown so far has been off the chart. One of my most anticipated games on Xbox One, but freaken ay, there are so many! :D

nix1471d ago

Alan Wake was good enough. i haven't played the game because it's 360 exclusive but i was interested about that game apart from Gears of War. the game's only fault (i think) is it came out on wrong platform. it sold more than 1 million but i think 360 is just for the trigger happy people. if you look at most of the new IPs exclusive to PS3, they get accepted well. TLOU is the latest example.

I am quite interested in Quantum Break but i wonder how many xbox fans are going to buy it. considering 50% of PS4 adopters are from 360 already, i'm worried about how well the game is going to sell.

as much as i am intrigued by Quantum Break, i'm also worried about how it might get repetitive. i so far know that the game features "pause" moment. it's an interesting concept but if throughout the game, all you do is pause and investigate/destroy, the game might become little boring.

here's hoping it's none of that.

abstractel1471d ago

I think Quantum Break will be one of the best reasons to buy an Xbox One. Remedy is a great developer. My only concern is the tie-in with the tv-series and how much that will interfere with gameplay for those of us who don't want to care about the show.

Volkama1471d ago

I'm with you, Alan Wake was one of those well-rated games that I just didn't get on with.

I have high hopes for Quantum Break, but I don't like over-exaggerated PR claims like this one.

starchild1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Alan Wake is one of my favorite games. And the Max Payne games were great too. If Quantum Break turns out to be even close to as good as Alan Wake it might be the game that pushes me over the edge to buy an XB1.

Darkstares1471d ago

The premise of Alan Wake was awesome but I found the actual gameplay quite boring.

-Foxtrot1470d ago


I didn't really enjoy American Nightmare, I never finished it.

It felt like Microsoft trying to make it appeal to the action crowd. The game just didn't feel Alan Wake like at times.

I hope you don't need to play it to understand AW2.

VealParmHero1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Alan Wake is exactly the kind of game people get on xbox for NOT having. It takes things in a new direction and was sort of a "risky" game to make. Sometimes I feel like ya can't did not get enough credit at all.

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C-H-E-F1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Yeah...speechless like wtf is this?? QTE all day I guess they have 1 QTE game per year.... RYSE now QB lOl... Remedy doesn't make great games... their games are par for the most part...they're max payne ports even blew.

stiggs1471d ago


You're not even trying...

whoyouwit041471d ago

Um Have you seen the order? besides, when have remedy games ever been full of QTE, and Remedy did no port for max payne you dumb ass, Remedy created max payne, but nice try.

Jonny5isalive1471d ago

You mean to one boring game with the kid and that other one that came out last year pn ps3?

HAHAH bet you played max payne on your precious ps2. That version sucked balls because the ps2 was weak. Playing on my PC that was from 99 max payne was Maxed out and was way better than the ps2 version and xbox version. I felt sorry for my friend that had it on ps2.

Golden_Mud1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Max Paune 1 and 2 were created by Remedy , ported by Rockstargames ....

guyman1471d ago

And the nominees for the most idiotic comment of the year are....

You are one, we may already have found a winner this early in the year

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DigitalRaptor1471d ago

Remedy are the real deal.

So looking forward to seeing what they show at GC.

LackTrue4K1471d ago

rumor has it,
it will.... pushed back "AGAIN"

Bigpappy1471d ago

I hope it is impressive. But I wish they would just have said something like: "I think you will really like what you see from or Demo at Gamescom. Don't miss it". "Speechless" should come from someone independent of the game.

Magicite1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Speechless = not a chance; intrigued = most likely.

I kinda liked Alan Wake and I really enjoyed Max Payne 3, so Im expecting another highly rated game from them, hopefully on a PC too.

IRetrouk1471d ago

Alan wake was very good, had me hooked the whole way through, even though it got a bit repetitive it was deff one of the best xbox 360 games, max payne 1 and 2 were also very good, they didnt make 3 though, that was rockstar.

ramiuk11471d ago

thisi s the only game i actually want thats coming to xbone,infact crackdown aswell.

bixxel1469d ago

This game has physics on it's side.Time dilation-special theory of relativity and reality bending mechanics.Speaking of physics,I've got to study physics harder...
Anyway,this game's going to be unique!

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lelo1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I'm hyped for this game. Remedy's Alan Wake and Max Payne's were great, so I expect great things for Quantum Break.

BillmadeAGate1471d ago

Excited about this game, the concept of merging TV with a video game just sounds soo next gen

-Foxtrot1471d ago

I like the look of the game and I'm excited by it but they did that already with Alan Wake....episode like format in the style of a tv series, each episode ending with a cliff hanger.

I dont see why their goals for this game are what they already achieved with Alan Wake.

BillmadeAGate1471d ago

Your right I completely forgot Alan wake had the TV show an radio an manuscript that basically give you the back story line lol..

masterfox1471d ago

if is not 1080p while looking like that, it will not leave me speechless, simple as that.

gameon19851471d ago ShowReplies(2)
JonnyBigBoss1471d ago

Look at this guy. He still thinks graphics are important to a game being fun to play.

He'll learn once he's grown up.