Natural Doctrine Multiplayer Trailer Shows Off Cards and Game Modes

Twinfinite writes:

Natural Doctrine, the upcoming SRPG from Kadokawa Games and NIS America, has a new trailer detailing the game's multiplayer segment and game modes.

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Fullmetalevolust1509d ago

I am so glad that SJRPGs are making it to western looks great, I hope the gameplay is smooth and intuitive.

r211509d ago

Same here, my vita patiently waits.

CervantesPR1509d ago

Its cross buy so it will await my vita and PS4 :)

dark-kyon1509d ago

cervantesPR the game is cross play not cross buy.

r211509d ago

I understand the MP battle parts and monsters thing, but whats up with the card parts?

ninjahunter1509d ago

Oh wow, this looks a lot cooler than i thought it would be.

CervantesPR1509d ago

Id rather try something fresh and new than buy a rehashed assasins creed,cod or battlefield thank you nis america!