Assassin's Creed Rogue trailer shows everything that’s wrong with the gaming industry

Ubisoft released the Assassins Creed Rogue trailer yesterday, in so doing, illustrating what's wrong with the gaming industry.

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BillmadeAGate1474d ago

Get over it.. CGI'S here to stay.

nyhartp1473d ago

Sure it's not going anywhere, but that doesn't mean it makes sense for the industry...

iamnsuperman1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I don't understand the use of CGI in game trailers. Games look good nowadays. Good enough to sell you an idea/concept. If something isn't ready to show don't show it. This industry has moved to a model that doesnt make sense. They showcase games years off with CGI trailers then people get angry/confused when features in the CGI trailers don't turn up. It is even worse when we see CGI trailers of games coming out in meer months. Why can't this be done with in game footage? Why does it have to be done with CGI? It shows very little of the final product. It should be at that stage by now where in game footage can be used

Dante811473d ago

It is here to stay, but it was most prevalent in the late 90s/early 00s when we KNEW the real-time 3D wasn't up to snuff.

bixxel1472d ago

Uncharted 4.Everyone thought that was CGI.But then Naughty Dog dropped the bomb shell...

700p1474d ago

I hate people who cry over videogames. Its pathetic.

trywizardo1474d ago

its CGI , and you can't complain about voice acting just by seeing 1 trailer , the trailer didn't say (real time footage) so don't come up with the FPS problems
and i liked the trailer it showed 3 weapons , the main character , and part of the story ; it have everything we want from trailers ...

MrSwankSinatra1473d ago

What's wrong with the industry is advertising a game with actual gameplay and then the end product being nothing like what was shown. Watch Dogs & Dark Souls II being the two main culprits of that. CGI is harmless, all it's meant for is to introduce and get you hyped for a game.

nyhartp1473d ago

Agree...however "meant to get you hyped for a game" is precisely the problem. Put the attention and resources dedicated to a CGI trailer (that has no significance on how the game will be played) into the game design. Who cares about getting hyped? Create a great product and "hype" will take care of itself.

MrSwankSinatra1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Yeah, but we don't live in the day and age of letting a product speak for itself anymore. This is the digital age where you have to have continuous momentum and that's for every form of entertainment whether it be movies, music, or games. You have to present something in order to keep consumers interested because consumers have the "here today, gone tomorrow" mentality. Back in the day you didn't have to hype your games because video games weren't at the mainstream level it is today and game development was also wasn't as expensive.

Dudebro901473d ago

You seem like a nice guy Hart, but it sounds like you have no idea how media and interactive entertainment really works.

Creating a great product does not mean "hype" will take care of itself. If that was the case, then not only would the video game industry be vastly different, but so would many other types of media like movies.

It sounds like you want to live in a perfect world where the good games sell the best, and the bad games sell the worst, but thats just not a reality.

boing11473d ago

"Put the attention and resources dedicated to a CGI trailer into the game design"
Company's barely do CGI in-house. It's outsourced most of the time.

nyhartp1473d ago

Agreed, again...and that's exactly what I said in my article.

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The story is too old to be commented.