Yoshi’s Full Name Has Finally Been Discovered

Gamer Attitude's Alex Avard reports.

We all know and adore the lovable gliding dinosaur that often accompanies Mario on his adventures; his name is Yoshi, right? Wrong.

Blake Harris, author of Console Wars, has been beavering away in the Nintendo backlogs and has found out, in an old Nintendo guide, that Yoshi is actually a shortened version of the green guys full name. The guide says that Yoshi is “properly known as T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas”, which is quite a mouthful to say the least. Frankly, I think most Nintendo fans will be sticking with Yoshi, which is undoubtedly the much cuter and well known title.

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Bathyj1439d ago

Munchakoopas. Classic.

TomShoe1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

The T should stand for Tyrone. or Tiberius. or Tupac!

Ninty, make it happen.

Parapraxis1439d ago

Bhahaha yeah!
Black people.

You probably think you are hilarious huh.

TomShoe1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

But Tupac Yoshisaur MunShakupas...

Mkai281439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Does Yoshi need a full name? If Mario claps his hands and says here yoshi and he comes, what's the problem? At the end of the day, poor yoshi is just a shofar..

Probably not allowed to eat at the dinner table with the other Heros of Mario world..

Bathyj1439d ago

Thanks. I had no idea what he was saying. I thought it was hipster thing that I dont understand.

JimmyDM901439d ago

Unless he means the shofar, which is a jewish ram-horn trumpet that is sounded on Yom-kippur and Rosh Hashanah. But I doubt it.

DragonKnight1438d ago

@JimmyDM90: Every time someone busts out the most obscure possible meaning to a spelling error there is a huge potential for hilarity. And you my friend did not disappoint. Lol. +Bubs.

Rimeskeem1439d ago

Due to his first name not being known but starting with T I shall call him Tyrone

Jonny5isalive1439d ago

yoshi bob frank was the name of my fish when I was little. RIP Y.B.F.

jegheist20141438d ago

munchakoopas roflmao wtf is this true if so dear god i just spilled my rum and ginger beer mixed drink but it was worth it time make nother one

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