Rediscovering Nintendo

Returning to Nintendo after a four-year sabbatical.

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fonger081506d ago

This an excellent article. I still enjoy Nintendo games that I play individually or play with my daughter and wife... but, there are large amounts of time that I will spend enjoying more emotional/cinematic games; walking dead, TloU, Bioshock, Fallout, ect. To me it's the best of two worlds, to use a film analogy, watching a great Pixar movie, then enjoying a Ridley Scott film.

wonderfulmonkeyman1505d ago

The whole article reminded me of the good point that C. S. Lewis made in his famous quote regarding maturity, and how Nintendo has taken the lesson "there's nothing wrong with having a little fun" to heart.

You don't need to play "dark, gritty, mature games" to be a mature, adult gamer, and honestly, anyone who would judge you for doing otherwise is just a douche that you shouldn't hang around with.XD