Why XBOX One Kinect is Worthless - $$$ Values and Support

A concise analysis of why the Xbox One Kinect is the most worthless peripheral of the next generation.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1509d ago

Because it has no dedicated games for it. Voice commands are good, but it is not worth purchasing a kinect only for a lazier way to navigate the Xbone UI.

700p1509d ago

Technically thats not true. They have Kinect rivals.

IrishSt0ner1508d ago

+ Dance Central... two games I'll never play.

Also, Kinect w/ Xbox Fitness is actully really good, can't believe most of it is free.

I wouldn't call it worthless, although I have to admit once MS reverted on the 'Kinect is required' lie I lost a lot of faith in the device.

That said, it's super responsive (pretty much fixed all Kinect1 recognition and lag problems) and makes using the X1 UI and TV a gift to control.

It's a real shame they only make 'family games', you'd think sword fighting or something similar would be a no brainer.

So even though I wouldn't want an X1 without the voice functionality, the Kinect remains as a gimmick due to the lack of any great games.

LAWSON721508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Let's ignore the two big games coming out for it, Dance central and Fantastia. Also IMO it is a huge benefit to maneuver the UI because the UI was designed to work extremely well with it. It is not a lazy way more of a convient way

Jdoki1508d ago

When MS decided to make Kinect 2 mandatory, that was actually a good idea. It meant devs could write games for it knowing every customer had it.

That would mean there was a higher chance that a dev would FINALLY create a killer Kinect app or game and make Kinect more relevant and less of a gimmick or niche product.

By MS taking away Kinect it creates a landscape where some devs will not support Kinect because they cannot guarantee their customers have it any more... And thus the argument that 'Kinect is worthless' will continue.

What compounds the failure of Kinect is that it doesn't work that well. Controlling the menu with gestures is really clunky and so I use the controller. In general the only use I have for Kinect is to say Xbox On' while I hunt down the controller, Xbox Record That and Xbox Broadcast.

The voice control works OK, but the problem is that unless it works 100% then it becomes an annoyance. I would say that even though I have a clear voice with no accent Kinect only picks up 80% of my commands - that may sound good, but it is not. Kinect needs to be 99% accurate, and anecdotally the other two people I know with XB1's have also complained about voice command accuracy.

Alsybub1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Yours is a valid point and one that I have made, and pondered, before.

From Microsoft's perspective it would have made much more sense to have given away Kinect for free with every unit and eventually they would be able to prove it's worth with better third party support. With a few killer apps, and lower productions costs over time, the losses would have been clawed back.

Right now they would have to produce more than one AAA Kinect title that appeals to the masses and hardcore gamers alike in order for customers to put faith into it and purchase it as an optional peripheral. That's not an easy feat. So, ultimately it currently comes off as Microsoft admitting that they don't believe in their own product enough to really push it to customers and developers alike.

It's a real shame because I truly believe that it can be a great device.

The thing that has pleased me most with mine is being able to have head tracking in Battlefield 4. It's fantastic when you're in a vehicle and can literally look around to see where another plane or heli is, in a dogfight. It's also really useful for looking over the side of the cockpit and seeing where targets are located on the ground. It's a small feature but it completely changes the experience for the better

Auseil1508d ago

I agree. As I said in my article, the security the added sensor gave devs was incredible. Possibly the only reasonable benefit to making the peripheral mandatory for the console. Reversing things like always online DRM was a smart move, but pulling the support the Kinect really wasn't in my opinion. It could be a great piece of hardware if they actually plunged the necessary support into it.

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