Gamestop Ripping Customers Off Now More Than Ever

From the article, " First, let’s examine the old system: Every game has a base value. That value is “0%”. For simplicity, we’ll assume this is $10. Now, if you are a Power-Up Rewards member, you get an extra 10%. So now it’s $11. But let’s say you trade that in towards another game right away, like 95% of us do. They tack on another 40% to the base, which is $4. Our total is now $15. As a savvy customer, let’s assume one of Gamestop’s frequent promos is going, where you get a bonus $10 on trade-ins: $25. If you are also using a Game Informer coupon, it’s another 20% on the base, so add $2. Congratulations! You just got $27 for your $10 game!"

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