Resident Evil doesn’t need better graphics, it needs better gameplay

From the article, "Resident Evil is a game that redefined what games could and should be, sweeping the era of colorful platformers and 2D fighting games out the door after eating their brains. And now, a struggling Capcom is doing what Capcom always does when it’s struggling, and rolling out its beloved franchises again to tap our wallets. But this is one return we really don’t need.

Simply put, Resident Evil hasn’t aged well."

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MrSwankSinatra1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

The author doesn't even know what good gameplay is,

BTW "esident Evil" I've never heard of that game, where can I get a copy???

Rikitatsu1475d ago

Yeah, it's an empty and shitty article. The author doesn't even elaborate why "wandering around, killing zombies, and solving puzzles" is a bad thing. Anyone can simplify any game with such logic.

MrSwankSinatra1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Personally I don't understand the logic of people, if they think the gameplay is bad then why continue playing the games? There are other alternatives, it's what I would consider selfish gamers who try to change something to fit their own criteria.

cfc781474d ago

The articles one for the recycle bin as a huge Resident Evil fan since day one I really need this game been waiting years for it to happen and hopefully it's just the beginning.

DualWielding1474d ago

the fact that the REmake version have never been available outside Nintendo consoles is sufficient to justify it coming to other platforms

boldscot1474d ago

Just do us all a favour and stick to your modern day shooter, press x to win generation crap where you kill everything on screen with the push of a button. There was nothing wrong with Resident Evils gameplay back in the PS1 days as any fan will tell you.
The problem is Capcom are to busy trying to attract people like you who don't like the game for what it is and what do we get?, we get Resident Evil 6. So now this is the best the actual fans of Res can hope for, remakes.

LAWSON721474d ago

Do not blame the large demographic Capcom went after, the blame is on Capcom no else and they are paying for it with bad reception and not hitting sale projections. You sound like a sour old gamer who apparently is blind to the wide array of games out there.

The problem is the gameplay is far from acceptable by today's standards, whether it was acceptable on PS1 does not matter the industry has changed a lot in 15-20 years. Gameplay mechanics that make you die due to its flaws or is the sole factor that adds difficulty is a lazy attempt at creating a challenge when it comes to TODAY'S games. If it is just a treat for old fans that is fine, but the gameplay is not fine.

boldscot1473d ago

Sour no, old no, blind to the wide array of game out there no. Games I'm playing mostly at the moment include The Last Of Us, Red Orchestra 2, Company of Heroes 1 and 2, Broken Sword 5 and I've just picked up Skyrim Legendary edition in a Steam sale for the DLC so I will be delving back into Skyrim soon. I also enjoy the occasional game of Fifa. I am however, fed up of the whining from people like you who can't play a game, it's never your fault. It's the controls, it's the camera it's this it's that, blah blah blah, whine whine whine.
If the gameplay is so unacceptable then why is there such uproar to bring the series back to it's roots?
Why did so many people want the classic titles released on the PSN store?
Why do people still play the classic titles now?
Because the gameplay was and is fine, simple as that.
Resident Evil built up a huge fan base with this supposedly unacceptable gameplay, a fan base that is loosing patience with the new Hollywood action style games being released.
Resident Evil was the 1st PS game I ever played and the game I played the most on PS1 and not once have I ever complained about the controls. In fact I can't remember ever hearing anyone complain about controls through the PS1 and PS2 days, but now all we have is whining from people who can't pick up a game and know all the controls within minutes of playing it, whinny, self entitled gamers who should stick to the brain dead FPS games that all have the same controls to cater for this new generation of gamers. Another thing, you say "Gameplay mechanics that make you die due to its flaws" it should read "Gameplay mechanics that make me die due to its flaws" and then we get to the root of the problem, gamers who need to learn how to say and accept that a game is to hard for them and that they are at fault not the game.
I won't be back to discuss this any further.

MSBAUSTX1474d ago

Play RE Revelations on Wii U or 3DS then if you want fantastic game play. That game is great. Graphics on Wii U look exactly like the remastered images I have seen so far of this title and the Gameplay is what RE used to be with a little twist. Since there is two screens you can solve small puzzles and unlock things using the game pad or second screen on the 3ds. Sony and MS have a way of off screen mapsa nd puzzles so they could do the same with future titles and this one. This article seems a little hypocritical because of the fact that it almost admits the graphics are not important but the game play is. Something that a lot of Nintendo fans argue all the time. I am looking forward to this remake coming to the XB1 and PS4. In the meantime though, play revelations if you have a Wii or 3ds and you will see they are trying to go back to what made the series popular. I have a feeling that Revelations and now this HD remake are money making scheems to kickstart a new RE title in the future. If they stick to these mechanics and it has next Gen graphics it will be awesome.

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