Xbox Exclusive Forza Horizon 2 Demo Release Date Coming Soon, Won’t Have a Collectors Edition

The fine print at the end of the E3 gameplay trailer of Forza Horizon 2 mentioned a limited collector edition, but apparently it’s a mistake, as mentioned by Creative Director Ralph Fulton, who also promised the release date of the demo soon.

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DragonbornZ1299d ago


OT: Didn't play FH1 (Hmm...Dunno why I haven't picked it up yet...) and I thought it looked fun. I'll be trying out FH2 for sure when the demo comes.

TomShoe1299d ago

Thank god demos are still alive. I'm getting tired of all this "Early Access" crap they're trying to pull.

4Sh0w1298d ago

Hell yeah, 360 and ps3 had tons of demos, its something this gen needs to do more.

Bigpappy1298d ago

I agree that demos are great. But, early access is still a good idea.

andydalum1299d ago

Good i understand people collect collector's editions to games they like, and some collectors editions actually add to the game universe BUT. If you don't have content to make a collectors edition worth anything don't make a half baked collectors edition focus on your game and that's it :D

ShaqSoda1299d ago

Cheers to the demo. I've been dying to play horizon 2!

HaveAll31299d ago

Played at Comic Con, was really fun to play.

towelie12881298d ago

Sweet i wanna try it first before i decide to get it or not

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