One Man's Journey into the World of GameBoy Modding and Repiar

Jonathan Chapman is a Game Boy collector; He owns a variety of hand helds, and games. He has a library of over 1000 Game Boy titles. Out of his collection he has 787 US titles, and 236 Japanese imports. His favorite games are Metroid II, Snow Bros, and Shantae for the Game Boy Color. He is the proud owner of a complete collection of Game Boys from the Play It Loud series. When he isn’t at the flea market, game shop, or Goodwill; You can find him cleaning, repairing and modding Game Boys.

A Typical Problem

A typical repair for Jonathan is fixing Game Boys with missing vertical lines. Over time, the connector to the display becomes eroded, causing columns of pixels to vanish.

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ArtificiallyYours1475d ago

Having differently tinted Monochrome Gameboy displays would be so... Freaking kick ass... <3