PLAY mag issue 167: Featuring COD: World at War

Reviews, news and information from issue 167 of PLAY magazine, included this month:

Images and info on Call of Duty: World at War
- "Call of Duty: World at War... has all the hallmarks of an aggressive comeback
- "we're in a panic about the visual quality of the PS3 version"

FF VII remake teaser


Metal Gear Solid 4 – 92%
Indiana Jones - 73%
Haze - 64%
Crisis Core - FF VII - 87%
Overlord: Raising Hell - 65%
Everybody's Golf 2 (PSP) - 86%
GRID - 85%

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BlackIceJoe3811d ago

If at E3 Square-Enix says that FFVII gets remade then that will be the best news ever. Plus COD5 looks better then I thought but I still am wondering if it will be ok.

paul_war3811d ago

I think COD 5 will be a great game, WW2 or otherwise.

I just hope they can get the PS3 version upto scratch.