Starship Troopers / Contra Hellspawn Hive Jump Returns

Greg Micek writes: "However! One of the great things about Kickstarter is that if you fall short of your goals you can always tend to your wounded ego and try again. The team at Graphite Lab have done just that with a new Hive Jump Kickstarter campaign. Did they simply re-launch, as so many do? Nope, they appear to have taken their time and done things right. Gone is the overly long pitch video, and in its place is a short and sweet gameplay montage showing tons of action."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1509d ago

I'd buy it! Hope they make it to the console stretch goals!

Retroman1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

this would surely make me buy wii U or ps4 tired of fps open world games.
anything concerning side scrolling games im there.


wouldn't be surprise if Konami got off their lazy ass produce Contra if contra hellspawn do well. maybe a REAL contra be develop . hopefully gradius type game and R-type in the works after.

N4g_null1509d ago

Needs better art.... why not go cybernetic on this.