Sony: PS4 Destiny Bundle Helps Perception That PlayStation is "Best Place to Play"

Gamespot: The $450 white Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle is a "critical" component of Sony's plan to make consumers think of PlayStation as the "best place to play." That's according to Adam Boyes, PlayStation vice president of publisher and developer relations, who says in a new interview that Sony's overall goal is to make PlayStation owners "feel special."'

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gangsta_red1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Sometimes even I forget that this game is for Xbox One. Not only that system but also 360 and the PS3.

And isn't the extra content timed? I can't keep up with all these extra deals these games pass off for certain systems.

Death1385d ago

On the Xbox it's called money hatting. On the PS4 it's "Sony's plan to make consumers think of PlayStation as the "best place to play.""

For me the best place to play is where my friends are. Sometimes it's on the Playstation, sometimes the Xbox and sometimes the Wii.

Volkama1384d ago

Yup, a game like Destiny definitely will be worth playing on whatever console your friends play it on.

In my case the friends I have that are enthusiastic about Destiny got that enthusiasm from Halo, so they are picking up Xboxes. Halo MCC is Microsoft's best counter to the Destiny marketing juggernaught, so I expect to see them put out as strong a message as they can get away with to make people aware of both games being on the platform.

I can't imagine I will play for a year, so I doubt I will ever see the timed exclusive content. Which is lame.

ShaqSoda1385d ago

You can get an Xbox One with a game for $399.

MeliMel1385d ago

And if you dare use craigslist you can get it for less.

MasterCornholio1385d ago

The same with the PS4.

I dont understand the point of your comment since the PS4 provides better value due to its stronger hardware.

ShaqSoda1385d ago

Read the article's title dumbass. That's why I said that about the ps4's destiny bundle at $450.

Boody-Bandit1385d ago

I can get items for a dollar at the dollar store.
Neither of which have to do with this article

On topic:
This is a smart move by Sony. This is one of the biggest titles coming out this Holiday Season and it creates the illusion of it being an exclusive to those that don't follow the industry like most of us do.

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DragonbornZ1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Sony: "If it aint white, it aint right"

By "MrFreehuggs" from gamespot

jnemesh1385d ago

Not only the bundle, but all of the TV advertising which is incoming will reinforce that as well. Sure, the game will play just fine on the XB1 (with reduced graphical detail), but the BEST experience will be on the PS4 (at least until the PC port comes out).

Majin-vegeta1385d ago

Assuming there will be a PC port.

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