Microsoft: Man Who Pushed Ryse's Graphics at Work on More Xbox One Exclusives; Defends PC Gaming

Microsoft Games Studio Manager Mike Ybarra has been checking out games lately, including Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive and Platinum Games’ Scalebound, and today he shared some interesting information about them, also defending Windows gaming.

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NYC_Gamer1508d ago

Ybarra also plays games on the PC so he will defend the platform which is awesome

Biggest1508d ago

I wonder if he did more work for the PC version of Ryse. Here's to hoping it isn't a straight up port, and they improved gameplay. It might be worth a buy once the price drops below $25.

WildArmed1508d ago

Or them steam sales, 4.99$? Sold.

henriquecopes1508d ago

People cursing MS in 3,2,1 ... because nese site complain about MS for everything

WeAreLegion1508d ago

Don't mind me. Just waiting for those complaints.

ThanatosDMC1508d ago

F*ck GFWL!

OT: Happy now?

WeAreLegion1508d ago

I was being facetious, to prove that this isn't a site with all Sony fanboys. 18 people agreed with henriquecopes. 9 disagreed.

I think that's proof enough.

dantesparda1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Yeah cuz in his pro-MS world, people on this site dont complain about Sony at all only MS. This is the problem with fanboyism, it makes you blind to the facts.

Locknuts1508d ago

Yeah but it's not worth complaining about Sony. Just a warning. I used to have more bubbles.

MRMagoo1231508d ago

or it could be because you comment off topic or troll and its nothing to do with sony fans ? just a guess looking at this completely off topic comment you just made.

Locknuts1508d ago

@MRMagoo123 - I don't troll. Ever. It's just a warning. Check my comment history if you want.

Biggest1508d ago

What do you call this pointless whining? It isn't relevant to the topic. It proves no points or enhances the conversation.

Might you be intentionally attempting to illicit a frustrated response from someone?

Locknuts1507d ago

@Biggest - It's 'warning', not 'whining'. And no, that would be trolling. See my earlier comment.

I was simply adding to someone else's comment. Not sure why people are getting upset, but that's their issue not mine. Anyway this is my last bubble so I'll just say sorry for hurting anyone's feelings. Didn't realise people around here are so sensitive.

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VforVideogames1508d ago

RYSE has the worst graphics ever I mean E.T. on ATARI looks more impressive.

pandehz1508d ago

*throws a biscuit on the floor*

SteamPowered1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I dunno if that little blurb from Ybarra would technically be called defending Pc. He just said that he "wouldnt have laughed him out of the room" if Star Citizen was pitched for Windows gaming.

Abriael1508d ago

"windows gaming is real"

SteamPowered1508d ago

Lol, Im done with waiting on MS to start loving PC again. They can talk all they want, but PC gaming is still an afterthought to them. MS skips PC at every turn and there is nothing on the horizon to say any different.

Bigpappy1508d ago

@SteamPowered: DX12 is proof enough that they are working to improve PS gaming. The don't need to put the Xbox exclusive on PC to help PC gaming. Things like DX12 will hell developers for PC deliver much better games.

SteamPowered1508d ago

Thanks chief, got it fixed up.


Torgul1508d ago

Glad to see that those guys are involved in some exclusives games for xbox one. Ryse was a gfx killer.

Volkama1508d ago

I have it on right now because I'm testing out the 7.1 surround, and I had forgotten just how good it looks. Cracking game IMO, even if my opinion in scientifically proven to be false.

Eonjay1508d ago

Well, that being said. Is there any hope that Microsoft will EVER get back into PC gaming?

SteamPowered1508d ago

Nope, no hope at all. MS talks a lot, but says very little when it comes to PC gaming.

Volkama1508d ago

There is hope I think, though hope is perhaps not the right word as I don't know if PC gamers want them.

I know they say it all the time without any results, but PC gaming is on the rise. There is money to be made, and it is a great test bed for consoles too.

We'll see though. I certainly wouldn't put money on it.

4Sh0w1508d ago

I don't think micro really cares too much about PC gaming, its alot of investment that needs to be made with little return given that pc games sell for less and sell significantly less copies than consoles, plus with consoles they make money off the online space. Windows is a afterthought but I can't really blame them because Xbox is their priority because they own that platform which means they are obligated to do whatever it takes to make it successful.

donthate1508d ago

It sounds to me like Phil Spencer does care about PC gaming, so I suspect Halo: MCC is coming sooner or later with more to come.

Phil Spencer just seems like a gamer all around that makes decision that is good for gaming overall, despite it not being so good for Xbox.

We will see!

Gamer19821508d ago

They have now allowed third party studios to produce there ips on PC instead of doing them. Look at Rise of nations HD and Age Of Mythology HD by skybox studio whoa re a 3rd party using the license which is still owned by MS so they get a little piece of the pie but don't actually make the games. This is probably the future for MS.

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StifflerK1508d ago

Possibly - Dx12 and the supposed 'cross platform compatibility' that's coming should all be just as beneficial for the PC as the console.

It might not necessarily mean MS will port across all of their exclusives, but by making it easier for other dev's, games that have traditionally been console only might make the jump, and vice versa.

If anything I'd imagine both game markets would benefit from this.

fullmetal2971508d ago

Oh God I hope not. I still have a bad taste in my mouth when Microsoft to charge PC Gamers to play online with their Games for Windows platform.

Sy_Wolf1508d ago

What do you think DX12 is all about? In case you don't know it's for making games on PC much more easy.

MeliMel1508d ago

I think you will see MS on PC. I think when DX12 comes around so will the games.
Probably older ones at first, plus it will also help Windows OS sales aswell.

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