When Will PlayStation Plus Subscribers Get AAA PS4 Titles?

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "There is no denying that when it comes to game-related services, there is little denying that PlayStation Plus is one of the best imaginable values currently available in gaming. Each month, owners of Sony’s consoles are treated to an impressive selection of free titles and considerable discounts off of other PSN titles, all for a relatively low subscription fee. The issue with PlayStation Plus at the moment, is that for all of its free offerings, PlayStation 4 owners have yet to get a game that really harnesses the power of the console."

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Corpser1474d ago

never. Sony knows PS4 owners subscribe to ps+ to play online, the "free" games on ps4 don't need to be good, what are they going to do? not subscribe and not play online?

Majin-vegeta1474d ago

Lol butthurt xbox fanboy.

OT:I say somewhere towards the end of the year.The damn console isnt even a year old and people are already expecting AAA titles for PS+??GTFO

johndoe112111474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

This is the heights of ridiculousness. How the hell can anyone expect them to start giving out free games for a system that isn't even a year old? People like this author are the reason the gaming industry is in such a sickening state.

Why would anyone who is a true gamer at heart even expect this? Giving away free AAA games so soon after they release will not be a good thing for the industry. We would have more companies going the route of Airtight Games and crytek.

Some gamers today are becoming more and more idiotic with what they believe they are entitled to. We'll get AAA games when the time is right. Sony delivers, they have proven that time and time again. We need to let the ps4 library grow before we can expect these sort of games.

Edit: @Corpser

I'm sorry but 'S-o-n-y' is not how you spell 'Microsoft'. You know, that company that had online subscription for over 10 years and never gave free ANYTHING to their loyal customers. At least not until they saw that no one was buying their DRM riddled spy box. So they quickly turned xbox live to ps+ in a desperate bid to save face.

ThunderSpark1474d ago


You hit the nail right on the head. I cannot believe the utter foolishness coming from the Xbox camp about PS+ and PS NOW which is clearly still in beta. Sony knows what they are doing and that is exactly why they are nearing 10 million PS4's sold. They have had my trust since the first Playstation and this constant hate from the Xbox camp will not deter me from enjoying my PS4.

Blacksand11474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

When? 2015!

Blacksand11474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

So stop making these stupid article.

Clogmaster1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

People already get mad when a game they bought comes out on PS+ a year after.

Imagine if Infamous SS was free on PS+ a month after release.

Xbox fans weren't happy when they released Titanfall for free with bundles and kinectless Xboxes not long after launch.

It's called pissing on your early adopters.

sonarus1474d ago

Its because we are spoiled from what we get on ps3. But agreed it will take some time but eventually expect games like shadowfall or knack on ps+

Sevir1474d ago

The First AAA Title is Driveclub and that comes in October, last I checked it was suppose to be a launch title for PS4 and available for Plus subscribers day one!

What AAA games are available for Games With Gold on XBO? Didn't both these consoles just launch in November? Their catalog of AAA games are rather small and most these games have to have sold a certain amount before they can be offered on PS+ or GWG before Sony and MS can foot the bill to offer it for free.

This idiot who wrote this article is one of the reasons why game journalism is so crappy. unless its first party, Both Sony and MS have to be willing to fork over hundreds of thousands to the developer/publisher to insure sales aren't lost for a period of time. you cant expect new games that have released on these consoles to be Offered on Plus... it took years before mega franchises like Assassin's creed was offered on Plus or Batman on GWG. and Plus has been hugely successful for Sony on PS3 and Vita LONG before PS4 was around.

Give I time.

DualWielding1474d ago

I'm a Sony supporter and I agree with the OP... PS+ will never be as good on PS4 where people are forced to pay to play online as it was on PS3 where Sony had to deliver with the games or else people wouldn't subscribe

CuddlyREDRUM1474d ago

Speaking of butthurt...

Chill out.

sweendog1473d ago

Expecting AAA this early is stupid. A lot of people will be buying PS4's this year and will still pick up launch games, If they are still selling they wont give them away. The only way I can see a AAA game given away this side of 2015 is if a studio wants to promote a sequel. WE could get AC4 a month or two before the next installment. AC3 was given away last summer when AC4 was announced.

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Insomnia_841474d ago

lol Seriously, these Xbox worshippers are looking really hurt this gen it's just hilarious!! Any of you this dude going by the name of TheCrapGamer? Aside from the fact that the dude's face looks like an azz with sunglasses, he is so btthrt and blind he comes up with some deluded stuff all the time, hilarious!

showtimefolks1474d ago

sony will most likely offer knack by end of the year, i would also think KZ:Shadowfall MP atleast could come to psn-plus

infamous second son most likely by mid of 2015

these consoles really aren't that old

plus the drive club psn-plus edition is also coming

LOGICWINS1474d ago

I subscribe to PS Plus solely for the fun $15 or less titles. Everything else is icing for me. Still, they can improve. Rather than offering AAA titles several months to years after launch, Sony should just offer Day 1 discounts on AAA exclusives.

Utalkin2me1474d ago


Don't forget you can thank Sony for getting your free games with Xbox live now, so you should just go and enjoy it.

lelo1474d ago

My PS+ subscription ends in a few months. If Sony doesn't start offering better games for the PS4, no way in hell I'm renewing it. Don't care for online, I mostly play single player games. If I feel the need to play multiplayer, I have the PC for that.

Prime1571473d ago

That's funny, as most of the ps+ offerings have been giving a lot of single player experiences.

I just don't get people's expectations of these two services. Supply and demand dictates AAA prices, and Sony purchasing those licensing agreements is what brings those games available.

The absurdity in some of these, "I'm canceling" complaints always baffles me. I wish I could keep up with the six games a month that they give me.

lelo1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

"I wish I could keep up with the six games a month that they give me."

Just because Sony offers those "free" games, doesn't mean I'm going to waste my time playing them. If I'm not interested in those games, I simply don't play them. I'm not going to force my self to play all those games.
If you feel forced to play all those games simply because they are offered for "free", then you're a sad person.

As for PS4 PS+ offerings until now, I've only played, or felt interested, in 1 or 2 games out of all those games "offered". 50€ a year, that's a very sh*tty deal for me.

... and by the way, before you start with those PS3/Vita games offered with PS+, I don't give a crap about those games since I don't have a PS3/Vita.

SOM3ROiD1473d ago

Corpser, you are completely right, my man. I'm PS Plus subscriber since PS3, and if I don't need it to play Online, I would not be renewing my PS+ subscription. It gives me nothing.

Yahdaree1473d ago

My best guess would be December of this year we will get our first AAA title. It will be a Sony exclusive as well. Knack or Killzone, I would say more likely Knack.

wolfcreek1473d ago

That's correct except you have to have online games to play other than last gen games. At this point plus for ps4 you get nothing. I don't care if we get free games but stop giving out dumb ones that a phone can play and start giving out some discouts on the ten ps4 games they have. And fix the dumb NOW prices today not we are working on it and a subscription is coming

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FrogSpork1474d ago

I honestly don't mind what ps4 throws
out, as long as they are decent, I really do not care whether they are triple A or indie darlings.

MrBeatdown1474d ago

Once the fall games hit.

Right now, it makes very little sense to offer a retail game on Plus. There are so few games on the market to compete with, publishers can sell their games at a premium.

iamnsuperman1474d ago

This is how launch works. Even mediocre games sell well since there isn't much avaliable.

donthate1474d ago

But EA Access gives you several AAA games!

You know, the service you derile as evil....

MrBeatdown1474d ago


Three AAA games. I'd imagine if Sony was content offering only a handful of their own games each year, rather than two games per platform each month, guaranteed, they'd throw Killzone and a couple old sports games your way a little sooner too.

Darkstares1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

There is really no need for Sony to offer them. The system is selling well and right now there isn't much to choose from. Knack should be the first one but I think there is some sort of Metacritic score it has to reach in order to qualify so that won't happen with that game if that's the case.

Driveclub will be free but only part of the game. Good thing people called them out on what they intended too otherwise they planned to lock the game to your PS+ account even if you bought it after online.

XtraTrstrL1474d ago

This is what I'm waiting to find out. Hopefully by the end of this year.

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