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The one thing bitter PlayStation gamers aren't understanding about The Last of Us' DLC

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "It's understandable to be frustrated with the type of content they are offering -- since cosmetic items are lame anyway -- but it's wrong to be angered that you aren't getting it for free or for a discount." (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

ZodTheRipper  +   178d ago
Development costs are rising, I see this as a way to support the developer. I won't buy any DLC though (despite my avatar), I can enjoy the game without it.
Chard  +   178d ago
I've never bought DLC, even for my favourite games. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.
Ripsta7th  +   177d ago
I wanna hear the same shit when MS includes microtransactions in more of their games, because aparently when MS does it is bad but when Sony does it is a way to support the developers...wtf
donthate  +   177d ago
This is a remake, and mere week later they announce paid DLC. As a PS4 and Last of Us Remake owner, I am PISSED!
Letthewookiewin  +   177d ago
I think that a lot of these "bitter" people are made up.
donthate  +   177d ago
The Last of US for PS4 is a remake. Remakes cost a fraction of the original cost, and all the content is already made and paid for originally by the original buyers.

There is no reason to charge people more, and more, and more....
Eddie20101  +   178d ago
A vocal minority as he says, deserves an article written about them.
thorstein  +   178d ago
Those tend to be the loudest. The silent majority didn't say a thing. Is there a comment from every person that bought the game on PS4?

Sample size is important if (as the articles yesterday were proclaiming) an article is going to claim that a majority of players were angry with the DLC.

The DLC was discounted earlier BTW.

In fact, it is actually nice to see an article that doesn't subscribe to the vocal minority and their "complaints."
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brish  +   178d ago
What percent of players are the "silent majority"?
LazyGoron  +   177d ago

My personal guess is that 75%-90% of gamers do not frequent online forums/websites as often as the posters on N4G. I'd say the same % of people are misinformed about games I.E.:
-Wii U is a peripheral of Wii
-COD/Destiny are exclusive to X1/PS4 respectively (due to marketing)
-Only play AAA, highly marketed games
... I could go on

I'd say a vast majority of people playing TLOU do not care about the DLC issue. The only people who WOULD say something is the vocal minority opposed to it. Then the supporters of the DLC will respond. But the "silent majority" is usually too busy playing or ignoring to post articles praising ND for the DLC (wouldn't get as many clicks either)

My favorite Futurama quote: "when you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all". This is why a silent majority exists.
brish  +   177d ago

Many years ago I used to be a PC gamer that got fed up with all the DRM they were putting in games. I didn't go into forums to complain about it I just stopped buying PC games.

Around the same time the PC game market plummeted and the console market became the largest market (PC games used to be the largest market). It turns out I was part of the silent majority that stopped buying PC games.

It seems like you believe "if they aren't complaining they don't care about it.". I can tell you from experience that isn't the case.

I used to complain about DLC practices of companies but now I rarely do. I also rarely buy games anymore.
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svoulis  +   178d ago
I enjoy some of the DLC. I bought 14$ worth of it. I am okay with this since the only thing that effects the game is the $2.50 perk and weapon packs.
isa_scout  +   178d ago
I actually bought the DLC but it shouldn't bother anyone because it's purely cosmetic...Now not being able to unlock guns like the enforcer is stupid. It should've been included in the bundle or able to be unlocked through gameplay. Honestly, if I were people I'd be more fired up that a week after launch the MP still takes WAY TO LONG to find a match. I've waited upwards of 45 minutes to get into a match these last couple of days, and ND is not communicating with players in the forums asking about the issues.
Corpser  +   178d ago
What's more frustrating is they are releasing new DLCs when matchmaking on ps4 is horrendous
svoulis  +   178d ago
So far the most i've waited was 15 minutes to get in a match really ridiculous and i love this game so much.
aNDROiD17_  +   178d ago
i was in matchmaking so long i actually fell asleep...and why is the patch for this taking so damn long??
jcnba28  +   177d ago
I thought I was the only one experiencing this issue. Good to know it's not just me.
aquamala  +   178d ago
could be just me but I assumed the PS4 version would include everything, now I find there are cosmetic items and guns and perks that are not included, and now they are going to release another DLC with 2 new maps?
Blac585  +   178d ago
DLC is a rip off you pay for guns that you still have to buy TLOU has a ton of dlc i couldn't believe it 99% of is useless
isa_scout  +   177d ago
Unfortunately I think ND didn't learn it's lesson from UC3s MP DLC.there was over 250 separate pieces of DLC(not exaggerating). It really ruined UC3s MP for me personally. When it went free to play it kinda messed up the whole experience for those that actually purchased the game. Hoping they do better with UC4 MP because I really love TLOU online but still can't shake the feeling that after buying the game twice I'm still getting nickel and dimed.
mcarsehat  +   177d ago
Just think back to Uncharted 3's GOTY edition:

12 maps and 25 OPTIONAL skins and accessories, it should go for all GOTY games. (Remastered or not, it is still a GOTY edition.)
Ravi2012PSN  +   177d ago
OMFG! why fellow sony fanboys? why? its naughty dog! give em money! more money they make, more money to make us better games. PS3,4,vita FTW!!!!!! and anyway..wasnt last of us $60 when it released? so remastered for $50 was a steal!!! thats a $10 discount! and its not like they forcing you to buy the dlc... I <3 SONY!
Kivespussi  +   177d ago
They should have had the PS3 season pass have all the DLC that PS3 got and either have it also include the PS4 DLC or make a different season pass for PS4.

I'm ok with the DLC, pisses me off a little bit but still, I want to get everything that they will make in one package. I don't want to pay for them separately since I don't know how much content they will add. If I will buy them seperately it will probably mean I will be paying some 50€ until they stop releasing DLC. That's more than what I paid for the game
souldestroyer14  +   177d ago
Don't worry guys all this dlc will be included in the "The Last of Us remastered Game of the Year Edition" so you can buy the game 3 times

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