Here are the classic Square Enix role-playing games you can play on mobile right now

GamesBeat: We’ve detailed every mobile version of Square Enix’s RPG classics.

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Sadie21001471d ago

The Final Fantasy series has gotten way, way out of hand. Can anyone keep track of all the editions on all the different platforms?

Raistlinhawke1471d ago

Would any one want to play through a 60hr RPG on a small screen? Probably drains battery life like nothing else, too.

SteamPowered1471d ago

To be fair, I played a buttload of Final Fantasies on my Ds/3Ds over the years. I play quite a bit of mobile games on my Nvidia Shield. The small screen can work wonders on these older games. They really show their age if you put them on a big screen. Pixelated and such.

ColManischewitz1471d ago

If you play any other game for 40 or more hours on your phone, why not an RPG, then? I've likely put that much time into a number of card games like SolForge.

Yodagamer1471d ago

If anything it's the perfect device. Play a bit while your on the go or bored, close the app and come back later. That kind of play will add up very quickly.

ps360s1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I play mines on tablets and sometimes the phone (note 3 and lg g3) but mostly on my tablets (lg gpad and sony xperia z2 tablet)

much more portable

XtraTrstrL1471d ago

I wish Square would make a new, proper Secret of Mana.

jpepsi241471d ago

here are Final Fantasy classics
just say that so fucking misleading

Chrono1471d ago

Dragon quest, chrono trigger, secret of mana are final fantasy?
If you were expecting eidos games, there is just tomb raider 1.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1471d ago

FFIII on DS or PS Vita(PSP)