Bioware's New IP Gets Third Teaser Trailer, To Be Fully Unveiled On August 13th

Bioware has released a third teaser trailer for its upcoming new IP franchise that will be unveiled at Gamescom.

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AngelicIceDiamond1508d ago

You keep this up Bioware your gonna mess around and become my favorite devs again.

starchild1507d ago

Yeah, I personally have loved most Bioware games and I am definitely intrigued by this game. I'm excited for it to be revealed.

700p1507d ago

Also this game is from bioware edmonton, the developers of the mass effect series. I CANT WAIT

levian1507d ago

How are people excited for a live action trailer that shows literally zero detail about the game? Don't get me wrong I'm always curious about what Bioware does because they make great games... But becoming your favourite devs again, over what is essentially a tv commercial for an unknown product? A trailer is useless to me unless it shows gameplay, or at the very least some details about what the game is.

Aaaaaannd here come the downvotes.

Eldyraen1507d ago

Well from what I've seen from DA3 Bioware seems to be back on track which helps build up anticipation for whatever their next game is.

The trailers themselves are not really much to go by but they are something different and get some people looking forward to finding out what it is all about. I'm assuming it has something to do with superpowers or their equivalent and likely some faction that exists in the shadows. From there who knows but I want to find out and at least the wait doesn't seem to be long now.

re2_apocalypse1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

@levian Your not getting the down votes because of your opinion; your getting the down votes because you sound like an arrogant fu** basically stressing that someone can't be excited for something without full details, etc...

ramtah1507d ago

i agree with you buddy

Bercilak1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


Because many people are, in a word, nincompoops. Most people who fall all over themselves trying to love Bioware are likely clueless folk who aren't aware of the following:

1. Bioware doesn't exist as a developer any more. EA bought Bioware/Pandemic in 2007. Bioware is just a department in EA (every "Bioware" employee gets paychecks issued by EA--ask Casey Hudson).

2. Bioware lost its main creative people as a result of Number 1. The writer most responsible for the games that made Bioware's reputation, Drew Karpashyn, left in the middle of the making of "Mass Effect 2" and Bioware's two founders, Zeschuk and Muzyka, announced they were leaving Bioware almost five years TO THE DAY after EA bought them (five-year retention terms are common in corporate acquistions to help preserve brand value). Bioware is now a production line that pumps out nothing but derivative works. When it was an independent developer, it REFUSED to make sequels (google "Bioware 'Knights of the Old Republic 2' Obsidian" and you'll see)--now it makes nothing but sequels. Do the math.

3. This is the sad one. Many fans like a story so much that they want to go back to it again and again even when the story is quite obviously over. That's why we have sequels (see "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"), prequels (see "Terminator: Salvation"), requels (see "Superman Returns"), and interquels (see "Mad Max: Fury Road"). People can't let go of a story even when it's done--and corporate studios like EA know it.

And that's why you get the downvotes and why people are so intent on lapping up whatever "Bioware" puts out--even when it's a completely irrelevant trailer for a shitty, free-to-play MMO like this is sure to be.

levian1507d ago

Sorry if I offended anyone, not my intention. Just a bit jaded from all the non-gameplay videos shown over the years, especially lately. Bioware hasn't exactly been in people's good graces lately after ME3 and DA2 and then they take the cake on non-gameplay trailers like these and expect us to get hyped.

I stand by what I said though. Although Inquisition looks like it'll be great, I'm holding my judgement until it's out. I've bought too many games from being hyped about it from the trailers I've seen, only to have it be a pile of crap. This has happened waaaay too many times for me to be getting hyped on anything less than full on gameplay trailers at the least. Inquisition is doing it right, and so is Evolve.

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LAWSON721507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Huh, so the game involves powers? I am excited to see more. These teasers make me think there is a group going around selecting normal people and giving them a power that they can't control.

Bonkerz1507d ago

Im not sure what to think from that trailer lol. Whatever it is though, i am definitely getting a crazy kind of vibe. This honestly officially has me very excited to see what this is.

LAWSON721507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

This trailer has a obvious point the girl did something wrong and a house went bye bye. Many things could be the answer but I think the early trailers lead to a possible explanation.

One of the other trailers had a guy eating some food then his phone goes off and won't stop, with a guy watching him from a window. I am guessing some one or thing was toying with him and trying to frustrate him. It worked and then his phone goes bye bye.

The first trailer was a bit stranger but the guy was dreaming of an empty alley with abandoned bikes with an eerie vibe, then he comes to the end of the alley and finds himself in a car then wakes up but he also sees a strange figure in a suit sitting. I am guessing he was seeing a future tragedy he causes.

This all leads me to believe a group of supernatural (?) beings has selected or 'chosen' individuals (probably you play as one and get to make your own character) and gave them powerful abilities that they must learn to control. I think all the trailers point to something along the lines of what I stated but we will have to wait and see. I think this kind of idea has a lot of potential especially with a be good or evil choices them (something very popular in WRPGs)

TheKingWilliamV1507d ago

It's not your fault, but I do blame those EARS!!!!!!

SuperBlur1507d ago

She's an ELF ! Dont mess with her !

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