Problems with PlayStation Now

CCC Says: "PlayStation Now has been in beta for a while, and the public has been able to see what game streaming is actually like. Largely, Sony has done an awesome job with the service, allowing us to relive PlayStation classics on the PlayStation 4. However, there are still some problems that I would like to see hammered out before this becomes a regular and normal piece of the PlayStation Network. Consider the constructive criticism from a fan and devoted follower Sony. Maybe it will help you out."

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Pabbs_Slick1510d ago

Let us buy games instead of renting them. Problem solved.

DragonKnight1510d ago

Or, you know, both?

That way you can try before you buy, and if you buy then maybe get a discount if you rented since you already put money into the service to rent the game. Plus if you buy, then you can play it as much as you want without restrictions.

Renting games is a good thing. I grew up in the era where you could do that at your corner store in some cases. It's a great way to really try out a game and see if you like it enough to actually buy it.

system221510d ago

try before you buy... thats what demos are for... and free.... ahhh.. remember when there used to be demos for stuff? i miss those days.

renting is fine i suppose. i dunno if I'm onboard with the streaming just yet though. i think the quality is good but its not a 1 to 1 quality replacement. its like playing a compressed netflix video.

if ps now worked like ea access and had actual current, new AAA titles i'd be pretty into it. especially if the money you spent renting it could be put toward purchasing the license if you enjoyed the game.

DragonKnight1509d ago

Hey, I'm up for demos more than renting for sure. But renting allows you to try an entire game, demos don't.

Plus, demos are dead. Publishers have tried to convince us that they cost sales and we know they don't, but because of that they stopped producing them and we just let them.

alwayzbusi11510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )


You CAN buy games, it's called the Playstation Store and you can also buy games at physical stores as well. Basically what you're asking for is unlimited access to their PS3 streaming hardware that they have to power and maintain, and a game for the cost of that one game. Not gonna happen. If you want to own PS3 games just buy them for your PS3. If you want to catch up on some games that you may have missed and don't own a PS3, PS Now is a great option for you.

Pabbs_Slick1509d ago

Except no it's not, because I don't want to pay $12 a month or whatever to Play MGS4 because who knows how much time I might want to spend on that game. If I can pay $20, one time to buy the disc and play whenever I want, as long as I want, why can't buy pay $20 (I'd even be cool with going a little higher) once and do the same with the stream? Sony's still going to make a heap of money and if not they can make it a PS Plus type subscription or something like that.

Clarence1510d ago

I haven't rented a game in years. I buy all the games I want .

hkgamer1510d ago

"Perhaps as technology gets better, our consoles can stream the actual game code into ram and run it locally while syncing up with another remote copy running on a server, but until then there are always going to be random hangups and lag spikes with the service, no matter how smoothly it normally operates."

It's a good idea, but that would only work when you are on your PS3. The whole point of PSnow is to stream to a wide range of products without being intense on its CPU/GPU.

system221510d ago

i think the almighty ps4 could emulate a ps3 game fairly well... i mean the ps3 was odd in its architecture but i think the ps4 could handle it.

i am somewhat off put by the streaming of games as of this point in time personally. i have a 300 mb connection and i still experienced a small degree of lag and the picture quality while good, still felt a little stepped on, a little aliased, a little dull. the load times also seemed gratuitously long on Dirt 3. granted that could be because i'm playing a ps3 game while fully acclimated to ps4 graphics but i'm pretty confident a good degree was compression.

hkgamer1510d ago

I'm afraid it cannot emulate the PS3.

The PS3's hardware or arcitect was a little weak in a sense such as RAM/GPU. Therefore devs had to negate this issue by using the cell processor for things which CPU's were not commonly used for. Lot's of the things which were normally done by the GPU were processed on the Cell I think.
Well, clearly I do not know what I am talking about, the end story is PS4 cannot emulate the PS3.

Probably want to give it a year or so to see if this service is actually useful.

system221510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

i love how the author has to qualify the piece by stating they are a devoted sony follower, knowing full well its just pre-emptive damage control from all the lunatic fanboys that will rip him/her to shreds for actually being objective to something from sony.

ps now is a great idea, not perfectly executed. i think it will be a must have in.... 3 years - when the technology is good enough to null the speed and quality differences associated with current experiences due to bandwidth/processing constraints. I have a pretty rocking (up to**) 300mb connection with the ps4 plugged right in and the load times were long, the re was occasional lag or on rare occasions a complete lack of controller input. the picture quality was good, but i was certainly aware that i was streaming a game vs executing it locally. that seems crucial to me in a day and age where admitting a difference of 180 vertical lines is acceptable gives you the internet equivalent of a good old fashioned stoning. That said - i had a better than expected experience on ps now but at least from my perspective and i assume likeminded people, i don't see this being wildly successful yet - especially if they don't change the pricing... and hopefully the pricing model.

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