No Plans for Plants vs. Zombies 2 PC Release, EA says

Hardcore Gamer: When asked around that time about this choice of platforms, PopCap assured worried fans that they were planning to bring the sequel to numerous platforms and "make it even more widely available than the original Plants vs. Zombies.” Since that statement, what new platforms have they landed on? Android.

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ValKilmer1293d ago

I guess "numerous platforms" to EA means "numerous phones."

RmanX10001293d ago

thats a darn shame cuz PvZ2 is actually a good game. I'd be more than happy buying a PC version. its one of the only f2p thats well made and not a complete sham. And a $15 full version on PC? I'd buy it ina heartbeat.

Darkstares1292d ago

Very true. The in-app purchases killed this game for me. I deleted it very quickly.

--bienio--1292d ago

Do I give a [email protected]??;) no thx Im ok with that!!;)

hiredhelp1292d ago

Pointless imature comment.

Pillsbury11292d ago

I am close to beating it and I haven't payed a cent, it's the only freemium game I can stand.

mrbojingles1292d ago

Please just give me a PS4/XB1 or Wii U version (own all three) for $19.99, maybe even $29.99 at retail.

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