EA Access makes Xbox One a more viable choice compared to PS4

"Microsoft and EA are both quite well-known for their ability of taking poor decisions when it comes to their strategies and services designed for the customers. But as not everything in the world is good, nor bad, sometimes those companies go on the right path and redeem themselves.

EA Access falls in those kind of services, one that could really make the difference. If you are not up to date with what EA Access is, I will quickly run you through it so we can all be on the same ground."

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AngelicIceDiamond1446d ago

In terms of service offerings X1 will look even better now on top of GWG.

EA is very questionable as a company but I really enjoy their games.

Can't wait for ME4, Biowares newer Ip, Star Wars and Mirrors Edge.

Muerte24941446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I highly doubt it. Games with Gold has very slim pickings at the moment. People still consider the service to be lagging behind PS+. While EA access does allow you to play games from their vault, most of the games are outdated sports titles. Let's not forget that on top of XBL($60), you'll need to pay an extra $30 annually (or $5/month). That $90 a year. Unless you consume every EA title they put out a year (mostly sports) then I really don't see the benefit. People also don't seem to notice that a launch title, like Need for Speed, is absent from their vault collection.

How blockbuster games does EA actually ship a year?

Gozer1446d ago

Its $5 for a month, a second option is to pay $30 for a years subscription (that's $2.50 a month)

NatureOfLogic_1446d ago

So we're down to EA Access will save Xbox One now? That chalkboard is running out of space.

badz1491446d ago

EA Access? LOL

Where were this kinda articles when Sony started offering PS+ since last gen? What we had was articles comparing the value of XBLG vs PS+ when PS+ offers a lot more for less! Shouldn't THAT have made the PS3, PSV and to some extend, the PS4 too, the more viable option?

Buy somehow when EA announced a far limited service like the Access, Xbone is the more accessible option? This is beyond hilarious! LOL

guitarded771446d ago

So will the vault be streaming games, or download to hard drive? That could be a determining factor for some. My internet just can't handle streaming games and movies and downloading all at the same time. I found that out with PS Now.

TripOdd1446d ago

@guitarded77: The games are downloaded to your hard drive. As someone who has both subscribed to this service & uses both Xbox One & PS4, I would have to say that this article is guilty of a little hyperbole. It's not that I don't think it's a good service (if you're willing to wait a little for EA games instead of purchasing at launch, it's excellent value), rather that I don't believe it will act as a sufficiently attractive differentiator between the consoles to sway most of those considering a console purchase.

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nicksetzer11446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Yea, I HIGHLY doubt EA access is going to sway buyers. EA access is certainly a better deal than anything sony is currently offering though.

joab7771446d ago

Sony may have screwed up. This won't be huge but it could make the difference for many gamers. I would b interested to know how long games remain cuz I'd hate to b playing and hav it yanked.

TKCMuzzer1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I'm sorry but if any gamer basis their console of choice on a subscription service to EA games of the past then they have issues.
I based mine on games I will be playing in the future, that's were my moneys going, not to EA so then can pull the plug on my vault whenever they want.

hkgamer1446d ago

I think as long as you are a member you will be able to keep those games forever. Sort of like what Sony is offering.

BF4 is a pretty decent offering from them, its newer than any retail titles sony has given in th epast.

I do think that its other features are whats going to make the difference though. The discounts would save some people a lot of money.

NegativeCreep4271446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

You know how it works.

Just a few weeks ago before EA Access was announced, EA was the worst company in the world and the greediest low-down publisher of all they are suddenly setting some standard. Now they are a game-changer...

Talk about fighting for scraps.

CloudRap1446d ago

Fickle minds I tell you fickle minds

Angerfist1446d ago

There is a difference between the Games and the company you know? If Foxconn builds your PS4 should you boycott it too because it's made in inhuman working conditions and it's the worst manufacturing company?

Gozer1446d ago

This article claims to explain what EA Access offers, but makes assumptions about the service, and made no mention of the 10% discount on EA game, and dlc purchases that are included in your membership.

Truth is a some questions haven't yet been answered about the service. Like, will EA only offer 4 games a month, or do they intend on growing a large catalogue of games? Their description of The Vault is "it will be ever evolving". Hopefully, it means the latter.

The Early Access feature is not a "demo", or "trial" in the historic sense that those two words are related to. Early Access is a download of the full game, that you can use your allotted time to do whatever you want. Another question that hasn't been answered, is how much time will be allotted. By their wording in its description, it doesn't imply that you will have 5 days to play the game, only that you can play as early as 5 days before the games release. People have been speculating that the allotted time will be different depending on the title. Some people have said that the allotted time will be 2 hours. As far as I know EA hasn't said either way.

Ghost_Nappa1446d ago

Games never leave the vault

hkgamer1446d ago

The vault hasn't been explained well because EA knows that they havent got that many games on the Xbone yet. I mean, what else can they offer and apart from Peggle I think EA does not care about the other 3 games.

Early access is pretty much what PS+ is offering with trials(i think, havent used it myself). You get a certain amount of time to play. If you purchase game then it wil be unlocked and no need to download any more files since you have already downloaded the full game. What EA hasn't explained or I am not aware of is when you purchase the game because of the trial you play. do you get to play the full game straight away or do you have to wait?

ITPython1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

This EA access thing is such a gigantic mistake and gamers should not be welcoming it. Pretty soon the only way to get digital EA games is to subscribe to the service... then when Activision releases their own subscription service the only way to get Activision digital games is to subscribe to that service... now just imagine if all the other big-name publishers did the same, PS+ and GWG would only have their own Sony/MS in-house or indi exclusives and gamers are going to end up paying some $80 a month for all these subscription services just to get access to a wide variety of digital games.

This needs to be put down before it begins, but sadly since this is exclusive to the XB1, fanboys will eat it up and say it's the best thing since sliced bread just to spite the Sony crowd because we don't have it.

This EA folks, you should all be aware of what they are capable of doing.

Deltaohio1446d ago

You sound ridiculous.

"gamers are going to end up paying some $80 a month for all these subscription services just to get access to a wide variety of digital games."

First I know ppl who would love to have to only pay $80 a month for a "wide variety of digital games"

Second if others were to do what EA Access is doing at the price EA has positioned it you would need to have 32 subscriptions at the same time just to add up to your $80 a month cost for a "wide variety of digital games"

Saying you dont trust EA is understandable but not understanding that this model can be very benifitial to gamers is silly.

Jonny5isalive1446d ago

I sure doubt that. They get more money from digital purchases and in Activisions case, im sure tehy would rather have millions buying COD digitally for 60$. its not like they would ever put their most recent COD game on there and let people get it for cheap. They would probably give COD MW 3 and a 5% discount on the most recent COD DLC for their subscription service.

You must think that EA is going to add all its newly released sports and the new betafield to the service and give them to people for 30$ per year. Or maybe you think it will someday cost 200$ per year and you cant get the games individually. THey would loose all their sales and be done for.

The whole point of these subscription services is to get some money out of old games and get mroe people into future installments. It even happens on PS+ and games for gold like that, where they give you the old one for free before the new one comes out. Its not a coincidence, publishers want that. Especially if tehy can get a bit of money and some more DLC buyers.

Come talk to me when any of these services get EVEN ONE, just one, brand new big release game. Lord knows sony, MS, and EA have some big games coming up that could sure help sell some 5$ a month subscriptions. Or when they start having their entire backlog of digital games available to subscribers, LOL.

So you think that publishers wont keep offering people the option to pay $30 for a 2 year old game digitally, even if tehy offered their entire game library for 5 or even $100 a month?

CuddlyREDRUM1446d ago

Choice is bad, thanks for your input.

Deltaohio1445d ago


Yes these games are not the new releases but so what? $30 for 4 games is not a bad deal. I haven't bought a Madden game in years. Never bought a FIFA game either. But now I can play both for cheaper than if I bought them outside of EA Access. It gives me the option to play these games (maybe even get back into Madden ) for a cheaper price point. Plus I've never even played Peggle so that game is new to me. Plus the new fact that you get access to EAs new games 5 day before their launch. From my understanding they are not just simple demos either. Plus your %10 off of new titles. How could this even be remotely bad? Especially when they start adding new games over time.

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Magicite1446d ago

At start I though more valuable, but now it just doesn't make sense.

CuddlyREDRUM1446d ago

Choice is good, as in if you had the ability to play music and video on a PS4.

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infinitewords1447d ago

PlayStation Now makes PS4 a more viable choice compared to Xbox One.

nicksetzer11446d ago

A skant selection of last gen games most of which are 5$/4hours and could be bought outright for 5-10$


30$/year (2.50$/month) for a growing backlog of EA games, 10% off ALL EA content, (games, dlc, etc) and 5 day early access to all ea games. (Can't wait to play dragon age and battlefront 5 days early)

Comes down to personal preference I suppose, but i find EA access to be much more reason to be excited. That said, EA access is surely not a reason people will buy an xbox over a ps4.

averagejoe261446d ago

Yea because people are just dying to play Madden 06 again

WeAreLegion1446d ago

A growing backlog of EA games? No no no. This is what no one is getting. That "backlog" is a constantly changing group of games. They put new ones in and take old ones out. You have to purchase those old ones if you want to keep playing them. The library doesn't just keep growing.

You're really exaggerating the prices, as well. A skant selection? That selection will continue to grow and include the full backlog of digitally available PS3 games, PS2 games, PS1 games, and someday PS4 games.


Jesus Christ. How thick are you people?

Darkstares1446d ago

I'm not sure how big of a deal EA Access is in its current state but it's nice they are offering an OPTION to subscribe.

You get to play these games for now as much as you want pending on how long you subscribe, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Peggle 2. Not a huge selection but again it's only $5 a month or $30 a year and the library will change. How often we don't know yet. You will also get access to new games which is a nice perk even if you don't play those other games in the vault. On top of that they are lowering digital games by 10%, which pays for the service right there if you buy games digitally.

PSNow has a larger library but they only offer older titles and the pricing model is not very appealing in my opinion. Each game comes at a cost ranging from $2 and up and that low price is for only 4 hours of play. Plus those games will take a bit of a hit due to the way the streaming service compresses the game.

JackBNimble1446d ago


"They put new ones in and take old ones out.You have to purchase those old ones if you want to keep playing them".

Are you sure about that. I've been trying to find out if that is really true.
So if EA takes a game out of the vault does that mean you really lose access to a game that's been downloaded to your hard drive?

Look at PS+, I have every game that has ever been offered. Sony removes games off of PS+ aswell , but as long as I pay my sub I can play them.

Is EA really going to make it so you can't play games once they are removed from the vault? Or is it going to be more like ps+ where as long as you download it in time it's yours to play?

Lawboy21446d ago

@ we are legion

They have stated several times that games will not be removed from the vault....and if a games must be removed from the vault the individual gamers will be notified

JackBNimble1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


Part of EA access TOS

EA reserves the right to change and update the EA Access Services, and the EA Content offered through the EA Access Services without any liability to you. In particular, Vault Titles are subject to change and may be removed, and the online services for certain Vault Titles may be discontinued. In the event that EA changes the EA Access Services, including the removal of Vault Titles or discontinuation of online services for certain Vault Titles, we will provide thirty (30) days advance notice to you by posting a notice on

I get disagrees for asking questions lol , I truly don't know the answers that is why I asked.

remixx1161446d ago

As well ps now is available on more than just the ps4 thats the most enticing part, I would love to play the shadow of colossus hd on my vuta.

Lucreto1446d ago

You do know you are limited to playing for 2 hours during those 5 extra days.

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AngelicIceDiamond1446d ago

@Infinite I wouldn't go far that considering the prices are high right now.

ghostface91445d ago

ya cause everyone is just pandering to play all those old crappy games from ps3 for prices so high you could go out and buy the game for cheaper. The only one psnow becomes relevant is if they actually put some good games on there and turn into a subscription based service which wont happen anyways. Anyone who thinks psnow is a good idea must loved to get scammed.

ghostface91445d ago

"I think one of the key things is that once a game goes into the Vault it stays there, it's not going to be taken out, that's a commitment we've made."
You should maybe do some more research before you act like you know what your talking about when it comes to ea access. Once the game goes into the vault its not going to be taken out.

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shallowpoint1447d ago

No but its a good option for Xbox owners. I personally think Ps plus is a better choice for me. There are only a few EA games I'm interested in.

timlot1446d ago

PS+ on PS4 has been a rest haven for indie games. Hell Sony won't even put their own games on it. EA came out the gate with known AAA titles for $30/year. From a publisher perspective I would rather have that direct relationship with the customer rather than through PS+/GwG. I'm betting on other publishers following suit.

Battlefieldlover1446d ago

what tripple A's? BF4? Or the yearly repackaged sports game? Either way 4 Games i already own or have no intreast in isn't making me jump to throw 5 dollars a month at.

rdgneoz31446d ago

"EA came out the gate with known AAA titles for $30/year"

Betafield 4 is AAA, or is it the 2 football games (US/Rest of the world) that have new versions coming out soon? Or is it that AAA game known as Peggle...

Also, if you look enough, you can get discounts for PS+ for $40 a year or $30 around Black Friday.

ramiuk11446d ago

what a load of shit that article is filled with

"EA Access will give you a lot of games to play for just as little as $4,99, compared to a full retail price of $60 for just one game"

it gives you old games for free(last years fifa,madden,nhl etc)
u get 10% of new games,the latest EA games will not be free,u get 10% off RRP,which is still more than they will be in stores.

DigitalRaptor1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

What world are we living in here?

Gamers will choose an Xbone over a PS4 simply because of a service that contains games that also happen to be on PS4?

If Titanfall and a price drop couldn't make Xbone a more viable option than PS4, a single-publisher service is but a drop in the ocean.

These GARBAGE articles need to be placed where they belong.

Knucklez5041446d ago

Games that happen to cost way more on ps4 you mean. Ea access on xbox one has been great. So far it's been 4 games for 5 bucks and it's still in beta and will be adding more games this month. Yes it's a great deal much better than ps plus, games with gold and ps now

poor_cus_of_games1446d ago

@knucklez ah I didn't know that you already have ea access. Excellent. Care to give us more details? No? Well maybe that is because you know no more than the rest of us. Smh.

iamnsuperman1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

"By rejecting the offer, Sony has just missed on one of the greatest things since next-generation of consoles were released"

No it nips in the but a precident that could make Plus unless but still compulsory to pay (increasing are monthly payment)

"EA Access will give you a lot of games to play for just as little as $4,99, compared to a full retail price of $60 for just one game"

If your paying $60 for Fifa 14 then something is wrong. Look it can save you money on old EA titles that you never picked up at the time (for various reasons) but don't expect full $60 releases. It is plus and gwg except for just EA titles.

rdgneoz31446d ago

"It is plus and gwg except for just EA titles."

Though PS+ and sometimes GwG have new releases.

iamnsuperman1446d ago

Except those releases are indie titles or titles around the £10 to £15 mark. EA can't give away new titles at $5 a month. They will be loosing a lot of revenue and I creasing the risk if they did. When was the last time EA released a small game?