5 Reasons to Look Forward to Revisiting Rapture in Bioshock for iOS

Nadia Oxford hasn't played BioShock since conquering the original release way back when, so the time is probably ripe for her to put on her diving helmet, attach her drill-arm, and dive back under the waves. Here are five reasons why she's looking forward to revisiting Rapture.

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equal_youth1593d ago

i will not give this one a chance on mobile devises. it should be clear that this kind of experiences belongs to our big screen at home and not in some downgraded form on a tablet or handy.

Agent_00_Revan1593d ago

Also, this game is pretty fast paced at times, I can't imagine trying to play and maneuver with touch controls.

mcarsehat1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

If it's the same story, double the price and a worse looking game, why would someone want to play it with worse controls?

Immorals1593d ago

I'll just stick to pc/360/ps3 thank you very much.

1593d ago
Darkwatchman1593d ago

If that screenshot in the article with the big daddy is what the mobile version will look like, then yes, all your fears of it being a compromised version, BOTH visually and control wise, are correct.