WWE 2K15 Preview: Ring Psychology, Fighting Styles & More (WWE Universe Mode confirmed still in)

New WWE 2K15 Gameplay Details and more, from exclusive preview by french website.

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equal_youth1470d ago

i have to see it in motion but definitely sounds better than the past years releases.

rdgneoz31470d ago

Sounds interesting. As for the article, is it just a copy and paste from google translate (seeing as the source is a french website, and the layout is pretty much the same)? They should have done a grammar check on it as the translation is horrible at times...

"Knowing that the game NBA 2K are often praised for their resemblance to a television broadcasting a basketball game"
"It is in WWE 2K15 that should feel "2K Touch.""

CobraKai1470d ago

Hopefully legendary difficulty doesn't resort to a reversalfest then finishing move type of match like last year.