2014: The Year of Video Game Delays – But Don’t Worry

With the recent news that Evolve will be delayed to 2015, the number of games intended to be released near the end of 2014 but then delayed to 2015 is becoming greater. Video game delays in 2014 are on the rise. A lot of fans of many of the games, franchises, studios, etc. will be more than a little frustrated – angry probably. I (Andrew Otton) say though, what’s there to be angry about? We should actually be happy about these kinds of delays – particularly the ones that come immediately after community feedback.

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Iamnemesis48801474d ago

I am glad that ea delayed hardline would get us battlefield gamers ticked if the new battlefield went like 4 did.

Aotton1474d ago

It definitely would have been a very bad idea to launch another game in a similar fashion as Battlefield 4. Even worse considering it was another Battlefield...

Gezmoyassine1474d ago

Delays can be a good think.It gives our wallets some time to recover from all these games releases.

Codey471474d ago Show
700p1474d ago

I was gonna say that ;( but yes, year of the remasters as well.

NatureOfLogic_1474d ago

This is the year of remakes and remasters. Because we all love playing old games on our shiny new consoles./s

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