The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - New Gameplay Footage To Be Revealed Next Week

Last month, we informed you about a 'behind closed doors' demo that CD Projekt RED has prepared for the press at this year's Gamescom. And while the Polish company showed The Witcher 3 to the public at this year's Comic-Con, there is still no gameplay footage to drool over our monitors. Did CDPR lie about sharing the gameplay Comic-Con demo after the end of that event? Apparently not as the team will reveal that video next week.

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achmetha1443d ago

all i want to know is when i can preorder the collectors edition through amazon in the us.. i really don't want to go through gamestop.

re2_apocalypse1443d ago

All I want to know is that I can bang Triss one more time :p

GamingSinceThe80s1443d ago

I was thinking of ordering it also.But it may be a bit to rich for my blood.I'm getting the destiny CE mostly because of the $35 in DLC.But the witcher doesn't inclued any and costs $150.You think it is worth it for what it comes with?

achmetha1443d ago

the artbook is why i really want it, i'm a sucker for those things. i'll probably buy the strategy guide (if there is one) to look at the great art in that too.

FalloutWanderer20771442d ago

CD Project Red, the developers behind the Witcher games are not known for doing
traditional DLC, when they do release any extra post-release content, it is free via patches/updates.So no free dlc or season pass b.s. (Thankfully)

However, I do believe with Witcher 3 they are planing some paid for DLC post-game with substantial content ranging 15-20 hours of content,nothing petty and expensive. They will also have their free extras (Not sure how they will do it with consoles,maybe via patch)

The statue that comes with the Witcher 3 C.E. is quite substantial, made out of poly-stone weighing near 5-6 lbs. that along with the 200pg. artbook,steel case and 3D realistic Wolf medallion as well as the other smaller stuff is enough for me. If you pre-order via you get even more stuff but it's digital only, no statue or medallion.

GamingSinceThe80s1443d ago

Well you may as well order it at GS if you rely want it, just incase Amazon can't get more.You can always cancel at GS if they do.I'm sure GS will sell out soon also.And your right the art book does look great and all in all its only $90 more for everything extra you get.I may just end up ordering friday/Payday just for the heck of it if they still have any.GS makes you put $25 down to reserve limited editions now days at least in store.I just start the 2nd one on the 360 and its so good I ordered the first one on Amazon last night.I just hope my PC can run it.But it didn't look to demanding.I'm not rely a PC gamer though so I won't know until I insert the

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Eamon1443d ago

John Papadopoulos,you did not need to put a picture of Triss in orgasm for me to click the link.

I am very much interested about any new info or footage of Witcher 3 without any erotic bait, thank you :)

Gatsu1443d ago

I was thinking the same thing ;)... Can't wait to see the new footage! Thanks to all the amazing games coming next year, I'm not gonna leave my house in a long time lol :D.

FalloutWanderer20771442d ago

That particular photo when rotated vertically and zoomed in, reveals a pretty interesting detail for any fans of the Witcher saga novels. If curious, take a peek around where Triss' necklace. You will notice a difference in her skins appearance.

She was badly burned during the battle at Sodden Hill/Hill of the fourteen. Well, that image appears to be showing the remnants of what couldn't be healed.

gillri1443d ago

Looks good, Uncharted 4 will be the looking game of 2015 though obviously

FalloutWanderer20771442d ago

We'll see.

The main thing I notice a lot of gamers tend to miss about just how good the Witcher 3 looks is that it's open world! A world, that is quite possibly 3x larger than Skyrim,if not more.(landmass)

That is pretty impressive if you ask me. Then couple that with everything else we know about the game, Witcher 3 is a looker and IMO will be one of the best looking,if not best looking games of 2015.

martinezjesus19931443d ago

This game is looking amazing! I still need to play the first two though!! Have them downloaded and everything. Dammit summer is almost over too :/

equal_youth1443d ago

i have a lot of games in the pipeline too and sometimes it feels like i get crushed by my habit ^^

martinezjesus19931443d ago

Having a full time job really limits my time. Add to that that i have all consoles, Ps4, Xbox1, Wii U, Vita, well almost all, and PC, AAAAND i recently got hooked in Civ 5 again, I just cant find time for all these games.

spacedelete1443d ago

its funny that two games which include the witcher 1 and 2 games that actually need to be remastered aren't going to.

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