What Went Wrong with PlayStation Mobile?

Push Square: "Sony’s smartphone strategy seemed so, well, smart a few years ago. While the PlayStation Vita was flagging, the format holder appeared to have a long-term plan in PlayStation Mobile – a compartmentalised plaza offering semi-curated content on PlayStation-certified platforms. The idea was to step away from the poor quality offerings that tend to plague the Google Play and iTunes storefronts, instead providing players with the type of high quality experiences found on home consoles or dedicated handheld devices. This was tied to an open development environment, allowing fledgling game makers to concoct and publish small titles on a shoestring budget, assuming that they adhered to a set number of guidelines designed to ensure a good user experience."

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joeorc1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Again with this?

Its not freaking Pulled or the End of freaking PSM for Android!

Again PSM base Ver of Android is Gingerbread IE: 2.3 and you can still Access the PSN store and the games still work!

what this is trying to imply , because Sony is not updating the Android stack for KitKat and above that it some how some way states that PSM is being no longer supported, which is not the case at all. PSM has TWO SDK's




Both work on Android, but with PSM sdk 2.0 the main target platform is The playstation Vita and the Playstation TV!

Your Game or App can still be made with both SDK's, only from here on Out the SDK 1.0 will be legacy, while 2.0 will be the priority SDK ie:
Playstation Vita and Playstation TV.

That again does not mean your existing PSM will not work or it will not function from now on Android 2.3 PSM still access the store, i can still download new PSM apps and games!

this is the 2nd [email protected] time you posted that on N4G and again this is the 2nd time I have had to post this! The Android SDK is ver 1.0 the SDK 2.0 is mainly for PSVita and Playstation TV, that does not preclude you not being able to use SDK 1.0 for Android, that also does not mean that Sony is killing PSM or is not in support of SDK 1.0 Developers now have more than one option to make Apps and Games on playstation Mobile.

when using the SDK you can still use 1.0 to put games and App's out for playstation Mobile. they do not upgrade the sdk further on 1.0..the new one is 2.0 and its main platform again is the PSVita and Playstation TV..

this is like lambasting ie:

"they lambasted the report as a gross distortion of the truth"

and again trying to imply or frame it as like saying "sony is not supporting the PSVita as a platform" and now the very same thing about Sony not support of PSM on Android!