Top 5 – The Most Evil Villains

Restart Replay: "Evil comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes but when it comes to video games, it can sometimes be a little mundane. This guy stole this from you; go get it. Or: look at this guy doing bad stuff, go be good. Every now and again, some games really push the boundaries of what it is to be evil. They don’t just show the evil actions of a character, but the consequences too; which can be harrowing. With this list, I had to have a proper think. I could have been really boring and just said, “HITLER.” Don’t get me wrong, Hitler was far from nice, and he is in video games, but he was a real evil. We need people that are SO evil, they could only be in a film or a game. People so preposterously dastardly that it takes a hero and a quest to bring them down! So hold onto your loved ones and lock the animals in the kitchen as we take you through the top 5, evil video game villains."

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