Ubisoft Not Releasing An Assassin's Creed On Wii U This Year

Assassin’s Creed: Unity was announced some time ago as a new-gen game in the series to be released for Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's MSFT -0.14% Xbox One. Then, yesterday, we saw the official unveiling of the last-gen game, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, coming to PS3 and Xbox 360.

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eaise1472d ago

If there was ever an article that is 100% clickbait this would be it. Full of speculation and completely misleading title. Ubisoft hasn't given any statement saying Assassin's Creed isn't coming to Wii U. So until then everything is speculation with no basis

Metallox1471d ago

Well, I wanted Rogue (at the very least) on Wii U. But we can't deny that, confirmed or not, the game is not coming to Wii U, unfortunately.

porkChop1471d ago

Well Rogue and Unity both aren't coming to the Wii U. So unless Ubisoft plans on announcing the Wii U game at the very last minute (which is highly unlikely) then there won't be an AC game on Wii U this year. One could still be announced, sure, but it's not very probable.

WizzroSupreme1471d ago

If the Wii U version isn't announced or shown off in the commercials, it's likely it won't be there.

colonel1791471d ago

If you watched the trailer for Rouge, they say coming EXCLUSIVELY to PS3 and Xbox 360.

N4g_null1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

The gamers that like this type of game are on the other systems. Ubi is right to milk them. The other platforms really don't have much competition. It worked with watch dogs so why not do it again. No matter the power of a Nintendo console these 3rd parties that are big will never fully support a Nintendo console. Nintendo has a bunch of skill based gamers that enjoy game play.

You have to be to risky for nintendo fans. They want games not story books and wanna be movies that are at the core just not fun.

Exploring the buildings are what these games are about. Fetch quest and a story. Hardly any skill based game play.

Hopefully they can get 6 of these games out before this gen ends to make maximum profit.

Nintendo will be fine without ubi.

mcstorm1471d ago

tbh it is starting to look like none of the big 3rd party ips are out for the Wiiu the back end of this gen. I feel sorry for Nintendo in one way but I have found my self not excited by any 3rd party game for the last few years. I got bo2, bf4, tekken tag 2 and splinter cell that's it for the last few years for my consoles and this year none of them have me wanting them but nhl 15.

loving my exclusives too much at the moment that 3rd partys can carry on with the yoy games as I wont buy them until they do something new for me anyway.

N4g_null1471d ago

I'm with you mcstorm. I just wanted better gameplay. Hey if people want these games just the way they are then fine. Ubi better milk this really fast before their fans grow up.

The industry is turning into some type of pc love child. It really reminds me of the point and click phase.

MS And Sony should really get in on this and turn some of their games into miniseries like how metal gear is going.

I bought asscreed and couldn't bother to boot it again. I will give it a try again maybe one day but I really miss the old industry. Before I wanted 3rd party games on a Nintendo platform but now I'm like never mind give me some indies and some real pc games.

SilentNegotiator1471d ago

Your terms are tantamount to "guilty until proven innocent"

If Ubisoft hasn't announced Wii U versions of any of the AC games but has announced the other versions, the article is making a completely reasonable assumption.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

If ubi can make another game inn the series for wii u, and give it both release date and extra content parity with other versions, I'll support them on the wii u.

If they can't do that, then I won't.
Nor will most others.

Even if they wait for the install base to increase, watered down ports won't sell well.
The change HAS to come from them first; demanding that consumers show support for watered down ports won't work, and if they did, consumers would only lose out even more in the long run for encouraging said watered down ports.

Reeze1471d ago

I agree. I was planning on buying Rayman, but by the time the Wii U version released, I was busy with other games and had no need for Rayman.

Bubbamilk1471d ago

Same here. I really wanted to play it too. But still to this day I don't own it.

And actually if u look at the time period if they would have released that game when they were supposed to the wii u could be in a different place right now. Sales of wii u were great at first and rayman would have been placed perfectly in a gap with no games coming out. There was hype around it and everything and ubisoft just blew it.

In retrospect it almost seemed intentional. Especially with the extra content that was supposed to be just on the wii u that the vita ended up getting as well. At least from my understanding that's what happened.

imXify1471d ago

They tried by giving AC3 DLC on WiiU, it didn't work.

wonderfulmonkeyman1471d ago

Yeah, it didn't work because it was one attempt.
After the recent history third parties have of skipping Nintendo's systems or doing the ports poorly, it's going to take more than one poorly-advertised exception to change things.
Consistent effort needs to be shown, and it hasn't. Bad sales of just one ports done mostly right can't be used as Ann excuse to do worse on future projects, if Ubi wants to see profit from their multiplats on wii u.

Chard1471d ago

How was AC4 on Wii U? I'm sure I read somewhere that it sat somewhere between last gen and current gen in terms of graphics...

wonderfulmonkeyman1471d ago

I own it but haven't really bothered making a comparison.
They were good enough that it never occurred to me to do so.
I regret supporting it now that I know I won't be getting its dlc, though.

weekev151471d ago

It actually stands up really well. The map on the gamepad for sailing is really helpful. The only thing missing is dlc.

Concertoine1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

To be honest i dont get this assertion at all. I've seen it said a lot, and all you have to do is look at the digital foundry comparison and you'll see the game looks on par with the 360/ps3 version (maybe a little better) but with an even worse framerate.

Dunban671471d ago

Ubisoft was supporting the Wii U more than Nintendo was for most of the 1st year since launch- as someon who bought Wii u at launch and only have a Wii u (re home consoles) I was very greatful that Unisoft was taking the risk they did- they not oomlyrovided good games they're died much needed variety- Unfortunately for Ubisoft the risk they too supporting the Wii u cost them plenty - both ACIII and ACIV were well some versions on the Wii u and neither sold well- ACIV sold far better on both PS4 and XB1 even though thier install base was lower at the time and the game came out later

It os jars for me to understand why anyone own wing a Wii u would be anything g but appreciative for Unisoft- I hate the fact we are not getti the next AC game - bit I understand they are not a charity - Nintemdo needs to start defending its console and do what it takes torovide some quality 3rd party games and some continuity - when you start out buying games like Batman and AC you expect to be able to buy the follow up sequels - but it is clear That is not important to Nintendo- if they could get thier own games out at a decent pace it would help male up for lack of 3rs party, lack of vc games, eah games etc but they have not been able to provide consistent t software of variety

There is a lot I like about the Wii u and Nintendo but w out at least some quality 3rd party support they will continue to struggle like they are now

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Chrischi19881471d ago

Well, who didnt know that? There are 2 coming out this year and non for Wii U. If Ubi wanted it to sell on Wii U, they would need to fully support the game, with DLC and all. Or make a exclusive AC for Wii U^^ But who thinks, that is gonna happen?

MSBAUSTX1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I agree with most comments here. They need to treat Wii U owners equally with proper DLC and support. Something they have failed to do and screwed Wii U owners with late Rayman release and multiplat. I for one have AC 3 and 4 for my Wii U and love them both and they look very very good on the system and play well. But with all of the other games coming out, if it doesnt get released on Wii U I will probably not bother with this one. I will be too busy playing, Master Chief Collection, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Brothers U, Evolve in February, Captain Toad, and then Splatoon. So in Ubisoft's defense I suppose this game would be low on my radar regardless of which platform it comes to lol. Plus I just took advantage of Amazon's deal and got both Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut and Mass Effect 3 for my Wii U for only $25 bucks total shipped to my front door. So I would say I have plenty to do to worry about Ubisoft not bringing this game to my Wii U.

ricochetmg1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

If you buy third party don't buy a Wii u.

lilbroRx1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

My Wii U is filled with almost nothing but third party games. Its been working for me.

I buy Nintendo consoles for the unique exclusives they get, and the Wii U hasn't failed me at all. Never been into their first party titles aside from Mario Kart.

I'm looking forward to Xenoblade Cross, Devil's Third, Fatal Frame 5 and Bayonetta 2. DELICIOUS!!!

randomass1711471d ago

Glad to see you're enjoying your Wii U. :) Most of my third party games have been downloaded like Shovel Knight. I'm trying to save up for some of the big releases for this year and a PS4 so I don't think I'll be getting AC either way.

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