Corrinne Comments on Uncharted 4 Drake's Model Polygons Comparison With Ryse, The Order: 1886 & More

Corrinne Yu, Graphics Code and Animator currently working on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and talked about graphics difference between TLOU: Remastered vs Uncharted 4, whether or not future PS4 games will look better with respect to graphics/visuals than UC4, The Order: 1886 and Uncharted 4 Drake's character model polygon count comparison with Ryse: Son of Rome and Others.

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user74029311472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

"I further quizzed Yu on Drake's Character model comparison to that of Infamous: Second Son "120K Polygons", Ryse: Son of Rome "85K Polygons" and The Order: 1886 "100K Polygons", and Yu admitted that she supports super high polygon count on character model but other factors such as "skin and muscles and shaders" are also important."


colonel1791471d ago

Uncharted 4 might not have a very high polygon count (still high enough to look impressive, though) because they are targeting 1080p/60fps.

ThatOneGuyThere1471d ago

you didnt see the trailer? thats some very high poly counts.

Malphite1471d ago

@ThatOneGuyThere: To be fair that was just a trailer with very a close up view on the face. I highly doubt that the actual in game model will look this highly detailed once there are multiple characters on screen and once there is more going on in general.

If however Naughty Dog somehow manages to pull off this quality at 1080p/60fps with some kind of sorcery, consider my mind irreversibly blown.

PX541471d ago

@Malphite - it's not 'just a trailer' it's an in-game cut scene, granted the playable model might not look quite as good as the cut scene one. Plus 'trailer' never dips below 60fps

Zhipp1471d ago

Dude, it IS a trailer.a Sure its in engine, but you can't call it an in-game cut scene because we don't know if this scene will actually appear in the game. It may be one they just put together for a teaser.

N4GDgAPc1471d ago


In game cutscene just means they used the game engine real time to render it. He never said that scene would be in the game or not.

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Dynasty20211470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )


No it doesn't.

In-game cutscenes no way reflect the in-game engine. Look at TLOU on PS3.

The cutscenes used a far higher poly count than in-game.

Same will be true with Uncharted 4, nobody is willing to accept it.

No game ever created has the same graphics in-game as a CGI cutscene, or even an "in-game" render, regardless of what the devs say.

If it's not been done on PC exclusives, it sure as hell hasn't been done on consoles.

I don't care about the down-votes, I 100% guarantee that Uncharted 4 will not look as good as the E3 reveal.

Logic and history alone dictates that. E3 is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS a lie of the final product at reveal. There's always downgrading. Every game ever.

Console fans were drooling over the new Batman and Far Cry 4.

Turns out, those were on PC. Same with BF4 etc the year before.

E3 is just one massive lie. Nothing but clips specifically stripped of extra content of the final game, to let the hardware have enough power to make the game look as amazing as possible.

0P-Tigrex1472d ago

What i read.. Yu wants to make a better game than Ryse. Which isn't hard.

Ausbo1471d ago

Hope you played the game to make that comment. Cause its better than the reviews say.

gamerfan09091471d ago

It's ok. I don't think it was great, but it's far from as horrible as a lot of reviews say. You can tell it just wasn't as polished as it could've been.

sonarus1471d ago

Reviews are all subjective opinion, just because you enjoyed it better than most reviewers doesn't mean the next guy will. All in all i feel the game is likely not bad and much closer to an average title.

Boody-Bandit1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Ryse better than reviews gave it credit for? Yeah okay. That's your opinion. I have one as well. Ryse should have been delayed a year.

The combat mechanics were archaic (way too simplistic), the game had performance issues across the board (juddering, stuttering, slowdown, frames dropping left and right, panning / camera issues), was linear and repetitive. It did have a decent story and showed promise. Which is why I said it should've been delayed. Given time Ryse could have been so much more. It felt so rushed and unpolished like most of MS exclusives this generation.

Oh and I played the game.

agame9141471d ago

I played it beat it and it was trash

BigBosss1471d ago

i have both consoles and yes i have played the game, i traded it in the week after it was boring and its not all that.

ramiuk11471d ago

ryse is better than reviews your right,looks great and good story,just controls a little repetative.

(ps4 gamer by way but praise were its due)

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amnalehu1471d ago

Ryse may not be the best game in the world but it has it's pretty moments.

funkybudda1471d ago

Many games will fit that description... But why question ND's design/technical direction, is it because of this article:

I see lots of Xbox One Fanbois boasting in the thread and deny any performance issue, so predictable, lol.

I could careless ryse won a graphics award, titles like TLOU will have 200+ more to throw it back in their faces.

ABizzel11471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Hmm, no definitive answer, but that's likely because they're still working on the game, and have another 1+ year to go.

My guess would be that the in-engine character model would be around 200k polygons, with the in-game model being around 100k - 120k for now.

Drake in U2 was 80k polys in-engine, and around half of that in game depending on the outfit 37k - 45k.

Uncharted 3 Drake and Joel were probably around 50k polygons each in-game. So double that and you're at 100k, and double that for in-engine and you're at 200k.

If the PS4 ends up growing to a similar level as the PS3 did, then we can expect a 50% performance increase 3 - 5 years into the generation (the same jump from UC1 -> UC2). This would make UC5 Drake should be around 150k - 180k poly in-game, and 300k in-engine.


Better looking you silly. Delson from Infamous only has 120k poly's in cutscenes and photo mode, not in game like Ryse which is the same throughout. Ryse was just ok, I expect Uncharted 4 to be much much better of a game!

GTgamer1471d ago

Ryse cutscenes are rendered sooooooo yeah.

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LordMaim1471d ago

Is talking over Twitter what passes for journalism now? Hell, I was a journalist and didn't even know it.

equal_youth1471d ago

sometimes these comments get ridiculous and out of hand but sometimes i find it informative but IMO thats only so if the developer has to state something that has to do with the games they are working on.

equal_youth1471d ago

she knows what she's doing ^^

DARK_SOLDIER1011471d ago

Uncharted 4 don't have the highest Polygon count

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