What Do We Want From ‘The Last of Us: The Movie’?

We all know that the adaptation of a well known video game into a movie doesn't always turn out well. Uwe Boll has ruined every game to movie he's ever touched! With a story like 'The Last of Us' offers it would be a shame to see it go wrong so what will it take to make it a smashing box office success?

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user74029311322d ago

base the movie off of what made the game so great.

equal_youth1322d ago

incredible near to perfect story timing and deep characters or really great gameplay? :D

wynams1322d ago

to not be made ... seriously ... games are games, movies are movies ... no need to cross over all of the semi-relevant cultural phenomena

Scrivlar1322d ago

People who don't play games can enjoy the story though. It's win/win for us because if it's good then we'll enjoy it and if it's bad we don't have to worry about it because we have the game.

equal_youth1322d ago

a great cast will make this one stand out. i think the creature effects are in good hands with sam raimi but the cast has to be perfect and i think everything will stand or fall with that decision just like the uncharted is struggling for ages with that thematic.

psplova1322d ago

I just want Ellen Paige...

funkybudda1322d ago

Ellen Paige is definitely a possibility, she's good actress who doesn't go after the big budget films.

BattleTorn1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

nah, Maisie Williams (arya stark, fyi)

Vitalogy1322d ago

She's a badass and can bring her "needle" :p

BattleTorn1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I've seen the criticism that she has already played an innocent-turns-badass young girl who is on a long journey with badass killer.

But honestly, that's a butchering of both Arya's and Ellie's stories.

Kurisu1322d ago

Easy, no film at all. Amazing game, but why ruin it!

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