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scark921505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I did not really like Sleeping Dogs that much, it was fun at first, but I did find it a bit boring, it did have a interesting story, I would not be surprised if Hitman Absolution came to PS4 after this if true.

badz1491505d ago

seriously, just like TR Definitive Edition released earlier, there was already the definitive version of the game ON PC when it released! SE is going crazy and yeah...if this is true, Hitman, Dues EX HR might follow suit!

porting from pc is such an easy task now with the new consoles, SE is taking advantage of it like this! this is ridiculous!

Abash1505d ago

People can say what they want, but Im VERY happy about this. I love Sleeping Dogs and cant wait to play it on PS4

Mr Pumblechook1505d ago

With GTA V next-gen on the horizon I think Sleeping Dogs HD missed its window for the big time.

cemelc1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Im proud to say that i havent bought a single remastered for my ps4, i rather have no games than double dip, unless the double dip comes from plus so i wouldnt mind.

Even the last of us, that i consider a masterpiece and one of my all time favorites didnt make me do it, sure as hell a 7/10 game wont make me do it.

Kivespussi1505d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

Don't think so since they are two completely different games. Seriously they have almost nothing in common. They're open world and you can drive cars. Other than that the gameplay is really different

GarrusVakarian1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

And just like I predicted before I entered this article...we have tons of people overreacting and whining about this, despite the fact that a *new* Sleeping Dogs game is in development right now also, (which anyone would know if they bothered to do a quick Google search):

So we are getting a NEW Sleeping Dogs game, and a remake. Wtf is everyone whining about, exactly? So many people are saying "this crap needs to stop"....why does it? If a company is making new games as well as remaking old ones, then how is that in any possible way a bad thing? I see it as a good way to get some extra revenue to put towards current and future projects...and anyone who didn't play it last-gen gets a new game for their current-gen system. It's literally win-win.

Bunch of drama queens. I doubt the majority of you even know why you're so opposed to remasters/remakes, you just jump on the bandwagon of irrational hate. It's not an A or B option people, we don't get *either* a remaster or a new game, we can (and will) get both.

I mean, if this was their only game in development right now, if they were putting other projects on hold in order to make this remaster, then I would understand the hate 100%...but that isn't what's happening here.

GTgamer1505d ago

Why do people complain about something that won't effect them ಠ_ಠ.

Orange1505d ago

@cemelc Maybe consider picking up Last of Us when you can get a copy around $20 or so.

You don't really notice the graphic upgrade since you're not playing a side-by-side comparison, but it's a different experience with the controller. Much more enjoyable aiming with the bow or a hunter rifle scope.

gfk3421505d ago

I cannot stand these definite editions or remastered editions anymore. In the end, the fault is oirs because we buy these remakes and they are, in fact, an easy way to make money for developers. Majority of developers are focusing on launching such remakes. When they will stop? I know I don't have the obligation to buy but I fear that we will have an inflation of such games and very few new IP.

NatureOfLogic_1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

The first year of new consoles will be remembered as the year of remasters. That's not a good start to the gen. I'm hoping that next year will be extremely better.

Mr Pumblechook1505d ago

I've got no problem with a remake, I'm currently enjoying TLOU Remastered. But for me Autumn & Christmas means a lot of games coming out and I have limited time and a limited budget. There's more game to choose from. So if Sleeping Dogs was released in July or August there would have been so much less competition and it could have sold a lot more.

ABizzel11505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


I agree a bit.

Porting from PC is exactly why these games are crossing over so quickly. Simply take the PC version, improve the character models, use High -> Ultra Settings, FXAA, aim for 1080p @ 60fps, and drop it on the consoles.

Personally I don't see anything wrong with it. It's giving good games a second chance, and allows console gamers can finally see what PC gamers have been enjoying for a while (and could possibly get more console gamers into the PC space).

I know there are those who disagree, but in reality these games aren't taking up huge amount of resources as many of you seem to think. Most of these are handled by 3rd party developer who specifically port games for a living (IE: PSASBR Vita, TitanFall 360, and more), or it's handled by a small group of developers while the main team focuses on the New IP or sequel.

And even if it's the latter there are great benefits such as allowing developers to become familiar with the consoles so their New IP's or sequels are in top shape for 2015 / 2016, and it fills the void of no games that new consoles generally suffer from if you missed one of these games. Even if these Definitive Editions didn't come out, you wouldn't get Tomb Raider 2, Halo 5, The Last of Us 2, or Sleeping Dogs 2 any quicker, and if you did then chances are they'd be rushed games, and you'd complain about them not being as good as the other game. Just sit back, chill, and pass over it if it's not a game you want or something you want to support. No one is making you buy it.

I think the main concern about these games simply needs to be pricing. Regardless if they feel it's $85 worth of content, it's still an old game, and just a single game at that so it shouldn't be priced over $40.

For those interest here's what you'll be playing come October, with possible better looking character models.

The video is locked at 30fps, so if it ends up being like Tomb Raider: DE (also made by Square) then that's what the XBO version should look like, with the PS4 version having an unlocked framerate.

@Lukas & GTGamer

I completely agree.

memots1505d ago

lol let the hate begin. Unless that was reserve only to sony remaster/definitive edition?

HaveAsandwich1505d ago

i kind of like it. more options.

SonyPS41505d ago

I knew it. What I said about the announcement of Tomb Raider DE on some other site that companies are going to flood the market with cheap ports of last gen games. This is indeed the future of gaming.

Between the majority of the PS4/Xbox ONE game catalog being multi gen titles, definitive editions, and sub par sequels of great franchises, this new generation is the laziest generation that ever graced gaming.

badz1491505d ago

Somehow, somebody wants to make this a fanboy argument, ha?

This is the case of publisher being lazy! Simple as that, nothing else. It's no secret that PS4 and Xbone have made porting from pc easier and the fact that SE is taking advantage of it by simply porting the pc version (at least) high setting and slapped "definitive edition" on the box while charging full price is what I consider as ridiculous!

TR was nowhere near "definitive" as it was only 30fps on the Xbone and not constant 60fps on PS4 either! You know why? Because it's a simple port without any significant optimization to the code whatsoever! ND has shown a "remastered" version done right with significant improvements @1080p 60fps. 343i is also currently impresses with promising improvements for their MC Collection. These are games people haven't experience at 1080p 60fps before and I think their respective remastered version are justified.

On the other hand, these games SE is passing as "definitive edition" are clearly pc versions and SE is trying to cash in easy on them! This action shouldn't be condoned or we'll see others follow suit. Maybe it's a bit too late as Metro Redux is releasing real soon. But at least, it's a 2 games pack unlike what SE is doing!

slimeybrainboy1505d ago

Therew's something wrong with your point. Some people other than you might enjoy it, maybe most wont, but so what? Selfish attitude.

diehardmetallicafan1505d ago

i would def buy deus ex hr definitive edition!

ShinMaster1505d ago

The Definitive Edition of TR had more effects and a few additions and changes that the PC version did not have. It looked better too.

I LOVED Sleeping Dogs. Even though I was hoping for a sequel. I willing to replay this once more.
It was great. It was my favorite open world game last year next to Skyrim.
It had better hand-to-hand combat, driving, story pacing, etc, than the overrated GTA4.

BattleAxe1504d ago

If this overload of remasters doesn't tip people off to what's in store...or rather what's not in store for this generation, then there's no hope for gaming. This is really a sad state of affairs.

UltraNova1504d ago

Well I didnt play this last gen so I'm one of those 'lucky' people, I guess...

Wizard_King1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

So lets just remake every game that came out last gen.

>yeah that sounds great


Just get a gaming PC people then then you never need remakes as the originals never stop working and you get actual NEW games coming out non stop.

MuhammadJA1504d ago

I hope all last gen's games gets remastered. We don't want new IPs. Remastered and Definitive editions of games are better and easy money for devs because they sell either way...

Gamer19821504d ago

Whiule poeple buy these S-E will sell and its easy money asporting from PC is reletivly easy to new consoles.

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kingdom181505d ago

I would actually really like a remaster (blah blah blah) of Hitman Absolution, I got it for free so I wouldn't mind buying it for the PS4 in the future.

Heisenburger1505d ago

A man who never have pork bun...

MajorLazer1505d ago

...Is never a real man (Not sure if that's the exact wording :P)

sourav931505d ago never a whoooole man! :P

Bathyj1504d ago

Ha. I have a friend from Singapore. She loves it when I say that.

Magicite1505d ago

I guess struggling Japanese devs (square enix, capcom, etc.) gonna remake most of their best games for this gen consoles.
Its definitely not a bad thing, now we can enjoy previous gen hits in glorious 1080p/60fps and probably even for a discount price.

spacedelete1505d ago

i'm starting to think owning a console last gen was pointless if every company just releases their last gen games on next gen and also makes owning a last gen console pointless as well.

i'm not sure if most last gen games should even be remastered as most games last gen were boring. this also makes PlayStation Now completely pointless as well. why stream games for 4 hours when its cheaper to buy the remaster in the long term ?

tee_bag2421504d ago

You mean owning a console this gen.

showtimefolks1505d ago

played it for an hour fun game, heard the main story is only like 10 hours long.(really short for an open world game)

fun gameplay but the hacking gameplay is just frustrating

scark921505d ago

When I think about it, I was trying to complete a few games that were after it so maybe I rushed it more than took it in, I did shamefully like the True Crime games xD

Bathyj1504d ago

I loved the hacking in Sleeping Dogs. Wasnt frustrating, just took a tiny bit of skill. Something lacking nowdays.

Axecution1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

this game had SO MUCH really fun story-based DLC that released nonstop that like nobody played.

It'd be cool if they added it all here.

FanboyKilla1505d ago

yesss! great game. this is sweet. that combat though.

Syntax-Error1505d ago

THERE'S NO NEXT GEN GAMES!!! They released NEXT GEN consoles without games and are trying to make money of rehashed games as a cash grab. If you people keep supporting this nonsense, this will become the new trend. We have never seen this in VIDEO GAME HISTORY before NOW. The fact that they are RE-releasing all these games is a slap in the face. I will never support this foolishness

Gamer19821504d ago

Carry on not buying and miss out on great games because it suits you but the sad fact is there is demand for this sort of thing and while theres demand there will be supply. Especially since its cheap to port and games are so damn expensive to make these days. Not every company can keep pumping $500 million into a new game in the hope it will succeed. So get off your high horse and realise companys need money from these bundles/remasters to stay alive and to make new games people like you will actually buy.

HugoDrax1504d ago

I enjoyed Sleeping Dogs, and actually got 1000G. I never got around to playing any of the DLC, but I was interested in playing them. I remember the Enter The Dragon DLC lol, I thought that was pretty cool :-).

ovnipc1504d ago

After this square Enix take the price for milking games. Make new games instead. Not buying this got t for free.

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aquamala1505d ago

PS3 and 360 version were sub-HD so they might as well call this Sleeping Dogs HD Edition

GundalfDeGrej1505d ago

Or just "Sleeping Dogs" for short because it's the same game.

Infamous2981505d ago

that was completely unnecessary.

ABizzel11505d ago

Why? A sequel is coming, it allows people to play the game if they skipped it on PS360 (due to too many games being out) on PS4 / XBO (since there aren't many games out), and it gives the developer experience with the new consoles so Sleeping Dogs 2 comes out as if it were their second game made for the PS4/XBO, vs. a iffy first wave game (technologically speaking).

spacedelete1505d ago

sooner or later these companies will run out of games to remaster. after this year i doubt there will be many remastered games.its just companies cashing in on empty year for next gen.

Goro1505d ago

If that comment was made on TLOU Remastered then it would be bombarded with disagrees.
I bet when the Uncharted remasters get announced, which they obviously will, you guys will have completely different mindsets because "yay Naughty Dog and golden Sony, we hate Microsoft because they're our perfect Sony's rival.

beerzombie1504d ago

I was just thinking that. The last of us was a cash grab to of a game that did not need to be made.

Agent_hitman1504d ago

Unncessary?.. Are you serious?, but when ND re-released the TLOU remastered, everyone here at N4G rejoice as if the game is new..

That kind of comment makes me laugh..

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lets_go_gunners1505d ago

Buy the pc version for lke 5 dollars during a sale. Download the free community HD textures. Get a better looking game than the ps4 and xbox one versions will ever look.

Volkama1505d ago

PC version looks pretty slick even without mods, and it's actually a good game.

Remasters are not for me, but I guess it's a good low cost low risk way to flesh out the game catalogues for the new consoles.

GTgamer1505d ago

If only everyone PC was on the same level as yours.

ABizzel11505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

You could simply buy a GTX 750 Ti ($150, but I got one for a steal of $75), and boom your old PC is now pushing XBO / PS4 graphics. It won't crush the PS4 and XBO, but it'll be comparable.

The excuse for not having a gaming PC is all but dead now among gamers. It's really that easy. Buy the GPU, plug it in the PCI slot, download the drivers from NVIDIA, and you're gaming.

If you have an older computer laying around, and you went out and bought a new console, then you can just as easily have a gaming PC.

ABizzel11505d ago


Well that depends on the GPU you have, and for most console gamers, building a PC is out of the question (especially one that gets better looking games than the PS3 and XBO version). Although they could just as easily buy a 750 Ti, and have a gaming PC that's right there with their new console.

So for them this is still a good deal, and shows what high end PC gamers were playing compared to the PS360 versions.

danny8181505d ago

played it for psplus lol it was kind of weak

Hellsvacancy1505d ago

To be fair it did have "some" fun moments, I did quite like some of it but it was just a bit meh, I never actually finished it