World of Warcraft Loses 800,000 Subscribers, What Does This Mean for the MMO Giant?

Despite the brief rise in subscribers at the beginning of this year, it appears that World of Warcraft is once again on a downward trend. Yesterday, Activision Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft has lost about 800,000 subscribers in the company's quarterly earnings report. Is this a sign of an inevitable end for WoW in the near future?

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Hellsvacancy1200d ago

Bring it to consoles, or is that a bad idea? i'd play it

Snookies121199d ago

I would so dig that, even though I have a gaming PC that's more than capable of running it.

awi59511199d ago

It's not dead this happens everytime blizzard doesnt realease a expansion for one year. Mists of pandaria had been out a whole year and people are bored. They will come back in the winter win Warlords comes out.

GT671199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

maybe gamers done with MMO 800,000 is alot to lose . will FPS be next?? 7 years along time playing same title over an over an over an over .

Magicite1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I havent played this game for about a 1,5 years, but nevertheless I will buy next expansion and try it out. Lets see if it can hold me longer than 1-2 months.

Wow peaked to 12m somewhere at cataclysm launch, afterwards it went down and down and down...

BTW 6.8m is lowest numbers of subs since original(vanilla) WOW.

Raf1k11199d ago

It's pretty low for WoW but as an MMO in general I think it's still pretty much the highest number of subs for anything in it's genre.

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aquamala1200d ago

Activision still made 195 million on WoW just last quarter, that's more than their PS4,XB1,WiiU revenue combined.

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Snookies121199d ago

If you consider they're making $15 dollars per subscriber per month... Yeah, it adds up to a ton of money.

camel_toad1199d ago

I feel sorry for the individuals that are still having to work on it. Creatively speaking they must be DYING to work on something new.

KwietStorm1199d ago

All it means is wait until the next expansion.

Bonkerz1199d ago

This topic is so stupid, i truly cannot understand how some of you dont not see that WOW hasnt had anything new in over about a year. It is like this at the end of EVERY single expansion, and it always jumps right back up when the next xpac launches.

CrowGoblin1199d ago

Anyone remember they said if Everquest 1 reached 1 million subscribers that would be it's ceiling, nobody else would play an MMO?

Now 10 years on, WOW still has 7 million subscribed !!

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