Hasbro Game Channel announced by Ubisoft. Coming this Fall.

The Hasbro Game Channel is coming to consoles this Autumn and brings with it three new games.

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oKidUKo1468d ago

Can't wait for a bit of late night Monopoly with the lads. Trivial pursuit will be fun too.

Rockefellow1468d ago

I'll take some Risk on my PS4 if the interface isn't a mess.

Dlacy13g1468d ago

The question is.... how much? Is this similar to the Hasbro Game Night they did before? Each game running around $5-$10? Or is this going to be a subscription deal? Very curious how they price & structure this.

WeAreLegion1468d ago

Don't screw it up! They keep screwing this board games up in video game form.

ScorpiusX1468d ago

Sweet sounds great, can't wait.

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