Cruising the Med with Forza Horizon 2

A new interview with Playground Games creative director Ralph Fulton
and Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt talks Forza Horizon 2, dynamic weather, cruising the Mediterranean coast and making the game for 360 too.

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Charybdis1171d ago

Looking more and more forward to this one hadn't seen some parts of the video which they showcased.

stormfire784121171d ago

Wow, this game is gonna be awesome....ANOTHER great racer for xb1

aviator1891171d ago

My little brother will definitely be happy about this game.

SpideySpeakz1171d ago

The game is lacking badly. It has nothing on Project Cars and DC, damn, even the Crew .

aviator1891171d ago

Care to elaborate?
And I think all of these racers have something for everyone. No need to single any of them out.