Naughty Dog’s release of new DLC for The Last of Us made a lot of people angry

"Naughty Dog managed to make a lot of people angry by announcing even more DLC for The Last of Us."

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randomass1711471d ago

I'm not angry at all. If you don't like it then don't buy it. I think this DLC is cosmetic so you don't even need it to get the most out of the game.

XiNarutoUzumaki1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Entitled People complaining about stuffs that they either don't care or don't need.

Nothing new...

equal_youth1471d ago

these headlines try to take the fun out of gaming :/

Eonjay1471d ago

Everything makes someone angry. Nothing new.

Ace Killa 081471d ago

Internet angry is not to be taken serious.

Gaming1011471d ago

lol people are mad about... being able to buy a hat? Or a useless mask? Evidently if you bought all of this on PS3 it's cross-buy so you get it free for PS4... so if you can't play multiplayer without your stupid mask, you can stop crying.

ChrisGTR11471d ago

i'm somewhat dissapointed , i hop online for the first time and i see tons of masks and helmets i cant even use unless i pay. i thought all the dlc was supposed to be included with ps4 version.

johndoe112111471d ago

I don't see this as a problem as long as the ps3 users are getting it free as part of the season pass. From what I remember, it was quite clear that the remastered edition would feature the game and all the existing dlc from the ps3 version. At no point in time anywhere did they ever say that the remastered version would include free future dlc. And for the price of the remastered version, I don't see why they should give it free anyway. If you want it buy it, if you don't then don't buy it.

XisThatKid1471d ago

Sooooo now we're getting mad for businesses for being businesses?....

UltraNova1470d ago


Yeah but please tell me they couldnt wait to announce this DLC a couple months after the remastered's supposed "all including DLC package" release...

They already had this made by TLOU: R's release...

One could say they are milking us? Its a choice right? hmmmm

rawz1470d ago

That is exactly what I thought first. "Nothing to complain about" "Items are just cosmetic"

But you are all wrong. Some people really thought that when buying a remastered version it is like buying a ps3 version with a season pass. So yeah, if you want these for your PS4 it's gonna get _too expensive_ since there is no season pass for PS4. One should also consider the fact that many people bought tlou again with no discount. Now they have to pay even more from the additional content.

This is wrong. And let's be honest here - if someone like EA or Microsoft would come up with this people saying it's ok now would be pissed.

Wizard_King1470d ago

Anyone that buys this twice deserves to lose their money anyway.

You know what they say about fools and their money.

What I am interested in know is if any future story or MP DLC for TLOU remastered will also feature in the PS3 versions.

UltraNova1470d ago

@ wizard

Anyone with the most basic trade in experience can get away with the full price. I traded my ps3 copy for 25 euros some 2 days after ND announce the remaster and bought the remastered ed. for 39 euros. I haven't played the Left behind dlc so for me this game cost around 15 euros about the same as if I bought the dlc.

Why call people fools like that when someone sees value in buying the remaster again? Take it easy dude.

wsoutlaw871470d ago

Whats the big deal with everyone paying money these days to dress a charecter up and make them pretty

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extermin8or1471d ago

Cosmetic stuff I don't care about but the new weapons and perks that effect Gameplay I don't think should be for sale not at all nevermind on release day and when quite a few users are probably already rebuying the game as it is and new players coming to try multilayer for the first time don't want to have to buy weapons to be on equal footing with other players-no one does and eventually it will ruin the flow of the game selling weapons and perks as dlc never benefits anyone also why is this tiny amount of dlc aesthetic and Gameplay stuff so expensive....

Revolver_X_1471d ago

Off topic: There are these things in grammar called periods. They go at the end of a sentence. Jus' saying.

As someone who bought all perks and weapons, I can tell you definitively, they are balanced. I dont even use anything outside the Enforcer anymore. The perks dont cripple the game, as they are situational at best. The weapons are all balanced and fairly weak in general. Especially that launcher. It sucks tremendously, even with the perk paired with it.

r2oB1471d ago

@ revolver

Balanced or not, the fact that you can buy gameplay altering items with no way to earn them, gives the game a pay-to-win feel. They should have given the option/ability to earn the DLC weapons and perks for those that would spend time, rather than money, getting things.

DukeofRandomcat1470d ago

Still, truth was that it said all the dlc from the ps3 would be included, meaning the international hats. I had the season pass for ps3, just kind fo wish that it included all of this.

Ozmoses1471d ago

it's from this....

look at all the comments that can't understand that if you the season pass dlc for PS3 carrys over to PS4...

they don't understand that the season pass DLC ended and any new DLC like the Killer Masks for $7.99 is brand new and not a part of the season pass DLC...

if you bought the season pass on PS3 than the stuff is there on PS4... plain and simple. the stuff that came out after the season pass ended you still have to purchase...

FriedGoat1470d ago

My season pass didnt carry over from my EU account as they chose to censor the god damn game AGAIN, I went with a US copy. Now I have to buy Weapons and Skills again, It's pay to win and its a disgusting practice for a full price retail release of an OLD game.

Wizard_King1470d ago

And this is why anyone that buys a season pass for any game ever is just part of the cancer and should stick to MS consoles for life.

Ozmoses1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )


well obviously the DLC won't carry over separate regions.. that is why there are separate regions in the first place...

I mean if you have the UK DLC and bought the US version because of the censorship... well, you made that decision so if you want the DLC you better buy the US region DLC..

you made the decision.. regardless of the censorship or not... you chose to buy it from another region.. so yeah you are fully expected to chalk up the cash again in my opinion..

not to be a hard ass.. that's just how I see it in regards to your situation.

and it's not pay to win... considering 4 extra weapons and 4 extra skills aren't really that much to change the tied of the game...

a standard semi-auto fully upgraded is easily able to own.. same with any other weapon... especially the bow... it's all about shot placement in TLOU MP... headshots are the difference maker... bombs planted in random places are the difference makers.. a smoke grenade and than a shiv to the face is a difference maker...

not DLC.... you barely have enough loadout points as it is.... the normal weapons are plenty good enough.. so if you think a few DLC boosts change the tide of the game than I want what you are smoking.

HanzoHattori1471d ago

"If you don't like it then don't buy it"
I completely agree. Downloadable content is optional. No one is forced to buy it.

FriedGoat1470d ago

I would agree if it was just hats, but its weapons and skills that give other players an advantage. Your not forced to buy it unless you want to be given a disadvantage in a competetive game. how stupid.

TXIDarkAvenger1471d ago

Agreed especially for this game.

The standalone game is worth it on its own and you can tell how much work was put into it instead of just cutting parts of the game and throwing it away as DLC.

lex-10201471d ago

Here's the problem I see. They waited until the Remastered version was released so that people would have a rejuvenated interest in the game then decided to sell new DLC. This is smart business but the Remastered edition was supposed to have "All" the dlc in it.

Darkstares1470d ago

It does seem kind of odd with the timing of it all. You would think they would have included this DLC on the PS4 game. Maybe it was rushed to fill the void before the other big games come out on the PS4.

lsujester1470d ago

Being this is entirely cosmetic, it would have been more than easy to make it between going gold and the release date. As far as game-making goes, something like a hat or mask is simple compared to the rest of it.

Kavorklestein1470d ago

Here's another dymanic to think about... what if naughty dog really COULD have released TLOU even earlier on PS4, and they exaggerated the difficulty of porting it over from PS3? What if the time that they said was being used to "re-work the code for the game" was actually just them devising these new weapons and testing them in MP and creating new DLC?

wastedcells1470d ago

Only thing that sucks is a grabbed the game and a bunch of dlc and now I have the PS4 version. Would have been nice to get some kind of discount or something but anyway put my ps3 version up for sale on postedbygamers so hope to recover some money.

CuddlyREDRUM1470d ago

When you expect little, you get little.

AgentSmithPS41470d ago

The price was stupid for those 'masks', and you thought horse armor was bad lol.

paidadvertiser1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Guys, I think you might have a misprint on your box because mine looks like this:

I don't think it says "All DLC" anywhere, I don't even know what that means. Why should it even be okay to get angry that you can't dress up your virtual doll for free? Am I dreaming?

Ghost_Nappa1470d ago

40 people think silly hats are a gameplay changing experience. ****ing morons.

Mithan1470d ago

I agree, its stupid. Gamers are so retarded at times.

FamilyGuy1470d ago

Where were all these complaints in Uncharted 2 and 3?
Those games had tons of cosmetic DLC for the multiplayer and maps.

This is not something new so I really don't get the issue besides the people wanting to have a season pass (ALL DLC included) option on PS4.

FanboyKilla1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

lol seems like this article is bs. all the ps fans here dont mind and see nothong wrong with it. next up tlou definitive edition with all dlc. keep up the good work sony.

remastered? i guess it sounds better than port. and i guess $49.99 sounds better than letting us rent it on that ps now set up. hmmmmm like if you really wanted people to play it why not put it there with the other old ps3 games? who is coming out on top here? the gamer or sony? #fortheplayer keep it up sony, your fans here on n4g are loving it, and they are kind of fun to watch.

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Yi-Long1471d ago

I'm angry about the unnecessary censorship here in Europe.

esemce1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Yeah that's I bought the US version from the American PSN store but now I can't transfer my season pass over from the UK PS3 version as the DLC is region locked.

I assumed the PS4 version included ALL the season pass content but it does not.

And ND selling MP perks and weapons seems sad to me.

Yi-Long1471d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Will stay away from the USA version as well then for now.

Such a shame. Been wanting to play this game since it came out, but didn't bother because of the censorship in the PS3 version, then just decided to wait completely for a PS4 version, and they censored it AGAIN(!)


user74029311471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

that is the problem with sensational headlines, 7 (questionable) people can get on a blog and complain about the dlc and headlines make it sound like 1.7 million 2.4 million are standing in the streets with molotov cocktails screaming and burning flags. i bet more people will comment on this thread than the people actually complaining.

-Foxtrot1471d ago

I kind of got the impression that people would of been more angry with the fact the new weapons they've added has made the online a little unbalanced. Those new weapons were not needed at all.

randomass1711471d ago

New weapons? I thought those were skins like in Gears of War 3? That's definitely a better reason to be upset if they are new weapons.

-Foxtrot1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Most of them have silencers aswell

ZombieGamerMan1471d ago

Ah I've been playing the mp and the new weapons barely anyone use and the ones that people do you use like the spectre while OP is not a weapon you can equip easily and need to buy with parts so there's that. I've been playing the game on PS3 I have none of these DLC and I never find a situation where I'm losing because someone has a piece of gear I don't have

extermin8or1471d ago

I agree new weapons and perks shouldn't ve paid dlc ever it messes with the feel of the game.

Revolver_X_1471d ago

The Enforcer is weaker then the revolver. The double barrel is a joke. The launcher is a joke. The Assault Rifle downs quicker then the Spectre. Look at the stats as proof. Where do u get unbalanced? If anything the double barrel and launcher should be increased.

r2oB1471d ago

The revolver downs in 3 hits and the Enforcer downs in 4, but the Enforcer will shoot 4 rounds quicker than the revolver will shoot 3. Basically the Enforcer has a quicker time to kill than the revolver, despite being weaker.

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HaveSumNuts1471d ago

It's cosmetic DLC not weapons or exclusive missions like Ubisoft does with every single one of their games. What I despise most is pre-order DLC but hey I wouldn't think it's worth getting a little extra content for the risk of a possible graphics downgrade or the game being a complete turd.

AntsPai1471d ago

It actually is weapons though. I don't really carr though, I don't really play online, don't want to start at level 0 again... Saying that I might do for 100% trophies lol.