Resident Evil – And Other Fallen Franchises

The reaction to Resident Evil Remastered shows how desperately fans crave a back-to-roots reboot. Mark Butler explores the downward spiral of the Resident Evil series – and other famous franchises that have fallen from grace.

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kalkano1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Exactly. We want these companies to revisit their past, so they can LEARN WHAT MADE THESE GAMES GREAT, AND MAKE FUTURE GAMES LIKE THAT!

scark921225d ago

I think FF XV looks promising, I hope Hitman goes back to 'Blood Money' esque style rather than Absolution, I did enjoy Absolution but did not feel like the Hitman I love!

kalkano1224d ago

XV is the culmination of the franchise moving in the wrong direction.

scark921224d ago

I personally am excited for it! I am a big fan of Kingdom Hearts

DualWielding1224d ago

I think of FF XV as a new IP from the Kingdom Hearts team and no a Final Fantasy game, that way I can enjoy it without worrying that its not what Final Fantasy is supposed to be

kalkano1224d ago

But, in the process, you buying the game is telling SE to make MORE Final Fantasy games like that. Don't do it!

CloudRap1225d ago

GTA5 TLOU Halo1-4 are games people care about and deserve a remaster but Hitman Resident Evil and Sleeping Dogs? seriously? this is really gettting out of hand.

scark921224d ago

Well in regards to GTA V and TLOU, it makes sense to release those games as they were released toward the end of last gen, so it would be smart to release them, people knew this and even did not buy either game as a re release of both games were a possibility and came true!, also remember GTA V is coming to PC and is the 'Next Gen Version' so its not all bad, I do like Remasters personally, as I can play games I missed out last gen.

zsquaresoff1225d ago

Let's be honest here, Resident evil hasn't fallen off of anything.

It's just needs to get back to what made it famous in the first place. Survival horror.

Less action, more suspense, even more horror and no more of that LAS PLAGAS BULLSH*T.

SideNote1225d ago

Sonic is the worst offender. Show Sonic Team their P45's

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