MMOGs Are For Kids

Richard Aihoshi reports:

''Will was eager to play a massively multiplayer online game ever since he could grasp the concept, so when he finally got the opportunity, he wanted to do it right. He meticulously tweaked the features of his avatar to his exacting specifications before journeying into the game world for the first time. He flew through the starting zone and led his fledgling fighter out into the next area - a zone where player versus player combat was permitted - confident the real fun was just beginning.

He enjoyed himself ... for about three minutes, until a fireball from a much higher-level character struck him. Naturally, he was dead before he even knew what was happening. What's more, the aggressor wasn't alone. He and his four coconspirators "ganked" Will's helpless character five times - once each - for no obvious reason other than that they could.''

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Gun_Senshi3840d ago

Age of Conan and Requime: Bloodmare is for kids. Yea right.