FIFA 15 Barclays Premier League Stadium Images

FIFPlay: Images of BPL stadiums (UK stadiums) in FIFA 15.

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Volkama1357d ago

They've come a long way since FIFA14.

Can't you recognise the difference? Maybe you need a trip to optician, or perhaps whatever kind of medical professional can assist with stupidity.

Naw I'm trolling, I can't tell the difference.

Drakesfortune1357d ago

its cool they have all 20 prem stadiums though. about time however

Rattlehead201357d ago

Never thought I'd see Selhurst Park in FIFA.

This makes me a very happy Palace fan.


Thanks for that draw with the scousers!

Peckyyy1357d ago

Yes! Selhurst Park included in FIFA is a game changer for me hopefully they can include our amazing support and anthem song Glad all Over!

Rattlehead201357d ago

A fellow Palace fan! Not on the BBD by any chance are you?!